This Quiz Will Accurately Reveal What You Secretly Hate Most

We all have our own secret pet peeves. What some people can tolerate might be something we cannot stand the most. Answer a few questions and we can show you what you secretly hate the most.

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  1. My biggest pet peeve is when people get mad when I say I have no plans but I want to stay at home or don’t respect it when I want to be alone for just like ONE day without having plans. I don’t like hanging out with people often. It’s annoying. And that person DEMANDING me to hang out just because they want to makes me drop the friendship FAST. Ugh. Just leave me alone people. Haha…

  2. Wow, it is so dead on I am shocked they hit the nail right on the head. And, not just with one or two things with the whole thing I am amazed I truly am

  3. Good insights to be aware of but I must admit it’s wearing off from constant abuse that violate this value on a daily basis..

  4. You Hate Unpunctual People.

    Nope, I m unpunctual myself sometimes.

  5. The thing I hate most is communism an it’s other associated “isms.” This said I hate unpunctual people.

  6. You Hate Busybodies.
    No fish that swims deep waters can be told to come out and live at shore. It’s just not how things work in their nature. You are introverted and live in a dream world of your own. You can’t cope with aggressive people that constantly want to change your nature by telling them how to do things, or when to do them. Minding your own business is a mantra for you.



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