Tips On How To Make Your Bedroom A Sleep Oasis

When it comes to matters of sleep, you should strive to ensure that your bedroom feels like an oasis in the desert – In this case, a serene place that invites sleep the moment you get into bed. Though how you decide to spruce up your bedroom depends a lot on your personal tastes and preferences, today we will highlight some of the top ideas on how to create the best sleep environment. The ideas we will discuss are recommended by experts all over the world and further, they are backed by science.

1. Ideally, you should ensure that you keep your bedroom dark and cool. Keep the temperature levels between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. According to a study carried out by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), most Americans find it to sleep in a bedroom that is dark. To block excess light out of the bedroom, 65% of those polled said that they used curtains, blinds and curtains.

2. One of the best ways to make nod off quicker and easier is to ensure that your bedroom is quiet. 74% of Americans who were polled by the NSF indicated that they sleep quicker and more blissfully when it is quiet. To block out distracting noises from the outside such as car horns and traffic noises, many homeowners admitted to relying on ‘white noises’. To keep your room quiet and serene, you can turn on a fan which will have the double effect of making your room cool while the fan produces a soothing sound or you can listen to a soothing sleepcast when going to bed. Sleepcasts tend to play for around 45 minutes and they have been proven to create a relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, you can turn on some soothing and relaxing sleep music from the Sleep Experience feature in the Headspace App. To get soothing music that will help you nod off quickly, you simply need to sign up and register on the app.

3. You should also ensure that you choose a sleeping position that is ideal. Select beddings that are appropriate for your desired sleeping position. Depending on your sleeping position, you can either choose a firm or soft mattress and pillow. Take a look at these Hypnos mattress reviews. If you usually rest on your side, you should go for a pillow that can support your neck, head, ears as well as shoulders. If you usually sleep on your side, go for a thin pillow as it will offer better support for your neck.

4. Ensure that you furnish your bedroom simply and keep out clutter. Even if your bed is properly furnished but the rest of the room is cluttered, you may find it hard having a good night’s sleep. According to a study that was presented in June 2015 at the Sleep Conference which was held in Seattle, people who sleep in a cluttered bedroom are highly likely to develop a sleep disorder. Simply put, the view in your bedroom can greatly influence your sleep patterns. For a good night’s sleep, keep your room clean and minimally furnished.

5. You should also be very specific on the type of pillow that you choose. Remember that the fill in pillows usually varies hence you should be very selective especially if you suffer from allergies. Pillow fills can be made from things like feathers to synthetic materials like foam, latex or rayon. Ideally, you should go for a pillow with a hypoallergenic fill so that your sinuses do not get blocked and keep you awake all night.

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