Top 12 Scary Sleep Disorders!

Worried that you can’t sleep at night? Or maybe you’re sleeping too much? Or WHY you always wake up with crumbs in your bed?! This is a list of the top 12 scary sleep disorders ranging from fatal sleeplessness, extreme nightmares and… exploding heads!


  1. Insomnia

The DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) states that true insomnia persists for up to one month of disturbed sleep. Insomniacs make up to 6% of the general population and it can be a hereditary illness- around 35% of sufferers have a family history of insomnia. Strangely enough, insomnia can’t be directly cured by sleeping pills, but rather Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (“talk therapy”) is the number one prescribed treatment for insomnia (Spielman et al, 1987). Also, insomnia isn’t only caused by stress; physical conditions, such as pregnancy, can lead to insomnia, as can mental illnesses like depression and environment. Usually, most people with insomnia will be cured and can return to a normal life, but there’s a type of insomnia that can actually kill you…

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