Top 5 Mental Health Apps for 2020

In the world of digitalization and modern technology, we seek the solution to every problem related to our lives from the web. Now you should know that stress is very bad for mental health and we have seen many people suffer from it. Now in today’s content, we would be talking about how mental health can be improved with the help of online antistress applications. If you search the web for the best mental health/antistress applications on the web, then there is a chance that you would get dozens of apps that are available on the play store, but you should know that not all of these online antistress apps are capable of reducing stress and calming your nerves. Below we have given the major details of the best 5 apps available on the play store!

Top 5 Anti Stress apps that one should have on his/her device!

Here are the have-must applications that you can find on the app store!

Antistress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game

This is the first online anti stress app in our list of mind relaxing apps. This is basically a Relaxing Games Android app that is available on the play store and app store. If your stress levels are high, then you are going to simply enjoy playing games with this app as it can help you release stress in less than a few minutes. The best part is that this relaxing game does not need any kind of internet connection to work once it is downloaded on your device. Some of the relaxing game features of this app include:

  • Realistic 3D brain exercise and relaxation drills that can improve mental health.
  • You would be provided with the best mind refreshing activities which will make your mood happy!
  • You will also get high quality and relaxing sounds which will calm your mind from all kinds of stress!
  • The antistress game app has the smoothest controls that would not frustrate you.
  • You will get different missions that will relax your mind!

You should know that this antistress app includes more than three dozen games that you can play to release the stress of all levels from your mind!

Mood Fit

This online antistress application is easily available on the play store and can be installed on android and other devices for free. As the name of the utility/app tells us, this application focuses on improving your mood. If you want to shape up your mood, then you should have this app on your phone. Now this application can give you meditation sessions and therapies that would help you release all kinds of stress, anxiety, and depression. In short, this online mind relaxing application is there to make you feel better and more active than ever! With this application, you can learn new skills like gratitude, mood management, and mindfulness and in just a few minutes. This antistress app will also give you a new meaning of medications and therapy!


Now, this is yet another application that you should know about. This antistress app is famous for meditations. If you are going through a rough and stressful patch in life, then you should know that this online app is the best thing that can help you get out of all kinds of stress. You should know that this online antistress app can help you get rid of all kinds of extra thoughts and will make you mindful. According to recent reports, this antistress app has served more than millions of cases of stress in more than 190 countries, so you should know that this is a very versatile app!


Happify is known as the best fun app that you can find on the application stores on the web. You should know that this is a free application that can help you reduce stress, build confidence, resilience, and also in overcoming all kinds of negative thoughts. This app can simply help you in:

  • Coping with stress and negativities!
  • Fueling your mind with a goal to make yourself successful.
  • Achieve mindfulness through yoga and meditation.

As the name of the app tells you, this app can simply make your mind less stressed and happier at all times!


Shine is another famous antistress application that you should know about. You should know that with this application, one can get rid of depression and can shine with happiness. This app is specifically designed for females and targets every aspect of their brain that tells them that they are less than anyone! This antistress app focuses on self-improvement, motivation and getting positivity every day. This app also has audio files that can help you relax your mind and enhance your mood more lightly. You can get this stress releasing the app for free, but for premium features, you can simply hook with the paid version!

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