Top Five Private Schools In Australia

As a parent living in Australia, making the right choice of school for your child or ward is a difficult task that you have to make. Generally, there are different kinds of schools in Australia, both private and public schools. Narrowing it down – single-sex schools, co-education, non-denominational and religious schools, so you have to make a thorough finding before choosing the best private schools in Australia.

In this article, we will briefly outline the five best private schools you need to know and consider. It is recommended that you make use of school finder to search for the best and closest private schools to you. Another thing is, note that this list of the top five private schools in Australia is not a definitive ranking of the best of the best, so it should not be interpreted that way.

Al-Taqwa College

If you plan to make your child or ward study in Australia, Al-Taqwa College is one of the private schools to consider. The school aims to produce right reflective self-directed learners that are capable of developing critical thinking abilities and solutions to problems. The school implants in each student obedience and love for Allah. Teachers in this college are certified and qualified ones that are trained to promote the practices and principles of Australian democracy.

Aitken College

Aitken College is another private college to consider, among others. The school provides a serene environment where students can attain their potentials, build up their skills, and develop the confidence to become a patriotic member of the larger community finally. The school has a solid system of education that helps students to pass through several challenges and other learning experiences that will improve their development. One good thing about every school in Australia, both private and public, is that they promote the Australian government policies and principles alongside teaching them their school curriculum.

Scotch College, Hawthorn

This private school is a modern and dynamic Australian private school that celebrates Scottish heritage. The school leverages on empowering their students to take good control of their lives by helping them develop in several aspects. Students are guided to discover their interests and talents, develop a healthy relationship between themselves and the wider community, family-inclusive and take up challenges, plus to develop a critical thinking ability to resolve issues.

Fintona Girls’ School, Balwyn

Fintona Girls’ School is solely for girls, as the name implies and non-denominational. It is listed among the best private Australian schools in Victoria. However, it offers co-educational learning for early learners. A conducive system of education is installed for a friendly, caring, and supportive environment that helps to develop the girls for life beyond school. There are dedicated and qualified teachers that are on the ground to make sure each Fintona girl develops the confidence to attain her personal aspirations and academic pursuits.

St Joseph’s College, Nudgee

St Joseph College is a reputable private school for your child. Their mission and identity create the core foundation of all their actions and school activities. The school authorities champion a lifelong learning culture and foster leadership capabilities. The school respects faith and believes in helping students to focus on achieving their aim and educational targets. They have installed professional mentors for both staff and students to build up their talents and skills towards achieving good success in all ramifications.

In conclusion, aside from these Australian best private schools listed here, you can do your search for your own choice of school to send your kids to. Learning is a legacy and should be done right. Therefore, take your time to do a search and inquire about the school you are considering.

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