Topic Ideas for Contributors

Here are some ideas for you to write about. You can choose the ones you relate to most, curious to learn more about etc.

Sept 13:

X facts about body dysmorphic disorder

X signs of healthy teen relationship

X ways to deal with a pathological liar

X facts about psychosis

X effects of an unhappy marriage on children and adults


Sept 12:

X signs you are a good friend

X signs you are smarter than you think

X scientific traits to become happier

X psychological facts why you are the way you are

X psychological effects than affect your behavior

X signs you are a charming person

X little things that give us away completely

X psychological tips on how to see through people

X habits poor people do and rich don’t

X signs a friend might be suffering from depression

X signs a friend might be suffering from anxiety

Sept 11:

X psychological habits that make you a loser

X sitting positions and what they say about you

X ways to date someone when you are shy

X reasons why people think you are unattractive

X reasons why people think you are attractive

X problems introvert never really talk about

X extroverts never really talk about

X ambiverts never really talk about

X sure signs you have identity crisis

X signs you feel different from others

X reasons why you feel different from others

X signs someone is stalking you

Sept 10:

X reasons why you feel lonely

X things to remember when you are feeling lonely

X things lonely people can relate to

X signs someone is not a good person

X things emotionally mature people do

X common thoughts that keep us up at night

X signs you will not be successful

X mindsets you need to change if you want to succeed

X subtle psychology tricks used by advertisers

X gestures that will make you less attractive

X signs you are a sociopath (have sociopathic traits)

X signs you are a narcissist (has narcissistic tendencies)

Sept 9:

X signs you are healing from childhood trauma

X reasons why depression is getting more common

X reasons why anxiety is getting more common

X ways loneliness affects your health

X ways a breakup affects your mental health

X ways to handle conflict

X signs of a good long term partner

X common lies we often see in social media

X signs you are manipulated by social media

X things you wish you knew when you are a teenager

X signs you are too critical on others

X signs you are too critical on yourself

Sept 6:

X Types of Depression You May Not Know About

X Facts Everyone Should Know About Depression

X Facts Everyone Should Know About Anxiety

Grief VS Depression

X signs you are Severely Depressed

X signs of Bipolar Disorder in teenagers

X causes of Bipolar

X types of bipolar disorder

X Phrases Narcissists Always Say

X Common Lies We tend to tell

X factors that can increase your risk of depression

X Things You Should Know About Childhood Depression

X Signs Your Boss Is a Narcissist

Sept 5:

X types of Autism Disorder

X facts about self-acceptance (What does it lead to?)

X ways to built trust that you have broken

X Signs You Are Emotionally Manipulative

X Signs You Are Emotionally Deprived

X reasons you are afraid of love/ relationships

X Common Things We Tend to Fear (fear of abandonment, rejection, loss etc)

X things to remember if you have been through rejection

X things to remember if you have abandonment issues.

X signs you have narcissistic tendencies

Sept 4:

X reasons you feel insecure

X things you shouldn’t say to someone with anxiety

X things you shouldn’t say to someone with depression

X things to remember when you feel unloved

X reasons you keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners

X Things Most Intelligent People Do

X signs of an emotional vampire

X signs you are dating an emotional vampire

Sept 3:

What is Co-Dependency?

X signs someone with anxiety likes you

X reasons why you feel uninspired

X reasons why we people please

X things that will drain your energy

X things that are making you miserable in life

X reasons why someone self-harm

X common cause of depression

X beliefs people with depression can relate to

X reasons why you feel empty
X reasons why parents become toxic parents
X reasons we become toxic
X reasons you can’t find true love
X Reasons People Can Be Mean to You

Sept 2:

X facts about Trust

X reasons why it’s hard to trust again

X reasons why we get burnout easily

X ways to build trust with someone

X toxic beliefs you should get rid of

X types of people who will more likely become depressed

X ways social media destroys your mental health

Aug 30:

X reasons you can’t find true love

X signs you are abusive

X ways to stop being abusive

X traits of antisocial personality disorder

X signs of separation anxiety

X signs you are a narcissist

X ways to prevent burnout

How is it like to date someone with BPD

X reasons why someone is emotionally unstable

X ways to overcome rejection

How to Detect a Dumb Who Is Faking Smart

X signs of a toxic leader

X common reasons relationships end

Aug 29:

X healthy coping methods for people with anxiety/depression

X mood swings people have during puberty

X ways to stop overthinking

X red flags of psychological abuse

X signs you are conflict avoidant

X signs you are conflict seeking

X signs of an emotionally unstable partner

X ways depression helps us understand life

X reasons we do things we dislike

X reasons you are stuck in a job you hate

X beliefs that will ruin your friendships/ relationships

X reasons why we don’t like to listen to advice (hint: what we really want is validation.)

X ways pain helps you grow in life

X reasons why you feel empty

X importance of self-awareness

X importance of self-care

X things successful people do differently

X mindsets of a successful person

X reasons why parents become toxic parents

X signs you are toxic

X reasons you are toxic

Aug 28:

What is attachment disorder

X myths/ stigma about borderline personality disorder

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Change Your State of Mind

How to Stop Procrastinating

Tips on How to Have and Show Empathy

How to recognize a manipulative narcissistic friend

How to stop emotionally blackmailing others.

How to Let Your Lover Go

X signs you are emotionally blackmailing others

X signs that you might be genderqueer

X things to never say to someone whose queer(gender or sexuality)

X things not to say to someone who’s coming out of the closet

X signs you might be forcing yourself to conform to gender norms

Aug 27:

X Signs You Might Be Repressing Negative Childhood Memories

X common types of repressed memories

X types of anxiety

X differences between histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder

X Difference between histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder

X facts about histrionic personality disorder

X facts about narcissistic personality disorder

X ways to help someone who is hurting

X reasons people ghost others

X painful effects of being ghosted

X types of antisocial behaviors

X facts about antisocial personality disorder

X deadliness mental health disorders no one talks about

X deadliness eating disorders no one talks about

Aug 26:

X signs of avoidant personality disorder

X signs of anxious personality disorder

X signs you have an unhealthy attachment style

X deep questions to ask your partner

X ways to get rid of fear for being forever single

X habits that will cause you to be single forever

X reasons why people don’t listen to advice

X mature ways to respond to breakups

X mature ways to respond to rejection

X ways to deal with rejection

X subtle signs you are destroying your relationship

X signs of a codependent relationship

X reasons why you keep falling for a narcissist

X questions to ask to determine whether someone is a narcissist

narcissism VS sociopathy – What are the differences?

Aug 23:

X ways to deal with excessive anger

X Sure Signs It’s Time to End a Friendship

X common causes of anxiety

X Reasons People Can Be Mean to You

X ways to be less socially awkward

X signs you are passive-aggressive

X ways to leave an abusive relationship

X things that make a person abusive

X subtle abusive behaviors you should not tolerate

X Things Not to Do with Narcissists

X Things Intelligent people never say

X Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends

X Surprising Psychological Facts About Yourself

X Reasons Why People Ignore You

X Things You Should Never Apologize For

Aug 22:

X Reasons People Have a Hard Time Saying NO

X ways Color Influences our Psychology

X Limiting Beliefs that are keeping you from being successful

X signs you are stopping yourself from reaching your true potential

X signs someone is a bully/ X ways to recognize a bully

What is sexual abuse/ assault and how to deal with it

X ways to help a depressed or suicidal partner

X ways to make friends when you’re shy

How To Stop Overthinking Everything You Do

X Steps to master your emotions

X Signs Of A High Functioning Alcoholic

X Signs Of A High Functioning Drug Addict

X Signs You Are A Deep Thinker

X Signs You’re An INFJ

X Traits Of An Empath

X Little Things That Secretly Make You Unhappy

X Things Only Truly Honest People Understand

Aug 21:

X Reasons People Have a Hard Time Saying No

X facts about sleep disorders

X types of sleep disorders

X reasons why you can’t say “No”

X Relatable Struggles Of A Socially Anxious Introvert

What It’s Really Like Being A Highly Sensitive Person

X Reasons Why You should be Proud To Be An Introvert

X Ways Introverts And Cats Are Exactly The Same

X Questions that are Incredibly Annoying To Introverts

X Signs You are an Introverted Empath

X Introvert Problems We Seldom talk About

X Things That Stress Out Highly Sensitive People The Most

Aug 20

X signs you have an addictive personality (or X traits of an addictive personality disorder)

X ways to stop self-sabotaging

X subconscious reasons why we self-sabotage

X ways self-hatred can poison our lives

X Common Mistakes Parents Make That Can Ruin a Child’s Life

X Sad Reasons That Make People Cheat on Their Loved Ones

Why We Desperately Need to Fall Crazy in Love

X types of anxiety disorders

X beliefs we have that might sabotage our lives

X Everyday Habits That Can Kill Your Relationship

X Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

X ways to stop stress-eating

X Reasons Solitude Is Good for You

X signs you have a strong personality

X common negative thoughts that might ruin our lives

X Types of Non-Physical Cheating That Are Still Cheating

X Relationship Situations You Should Never Put up With

X early signs of an unreliable person

Aug 19 new topics:

Ways To Confess To Your Crush

Signs You Are Socially Awkward And How To Deal With It

Ways To Stay True To Yourself

Reasons To Stay True To Yourself

X Reasons You Are Socially Awkward

X reasons someone stays in toxic relationship

X signs someone is concealing their depression

x signs of unhealthy coping mechanisms in relationships

Older Topics:

Why the Strongest Women Often Feel So Broken Inside

X Things You Need to Stop Shaming Yourself for

X Simple Ways to Avoid Being Manipulated

X Things Parents Should Teach His Child

X Myths We Start to Believe When We Get Back Together With Our Exes

X Things a Smart Person Would Never Say Out Loud

X Toxic Situations You Should Leave Behind to Become a Happier Person

X Personality Traits That All Successful People Have

X Signs You Should End the Relationship

X Secrets to Improve Your Self-Esteem

X Things Women Do When Out of Love

X Things Men Do When Out of Love

X Stages of Grief

X Common Reasons Relationships End

X Ways Depression Affects Our Relationships

X Reasons why you feel tired all the time

X reasons why it’s hard to fall in love

X reasons why you fall in love so easily

X reasons why you feel empty

X Signs You Grew Up With Childhood Emotional Neglect

X Unbelievable Behaviors Of The Narcissist

X signs of a controlling partner

X Convincing Ways Controlling Partners Deceive You

Can a Narcissist Love?

X Warning Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

X ways to know if someone’s love is “real”

What Causes Anxiety?

Depression and Its Effects on the Brain

X Things People With Childhood Emotional Neglect Often Say

X signs of Fear of Abandonment

X examples of negative self-talk

X types of addictions

X Types of People Who Are Doomed to Be Forever Alone

X Signs Your Relationship Is Draining You

X Mental health Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

X Types of friends Who Actually Cares About You the Most

X signs a friend truly cares about you

X signs your partner truly loves you

X Mental Illnesses We Often Mistake for Character Traits

X Types of “Selfish” Behavior We Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of

(setting healthy boundaries, self-care..)

X Advantages People With Difficult Childhoods Have Over Others

X signs of a toxic workplace

X signs of a toxic colleague

X signs of a toxic boss

X Signs That Your Life Is Slowly Falling Apart

X signs you are more attractive than you think

X signs you are too smart for love
X reasons why you are single
X signs you are unconsciously self sabotaging

x Signs You Will find Love This year

X ways unloved children self sabotage
X things toxic parents do
X things toxic parents say
X shocking truths about millennials
X signs you are unforgettable
X types of grief nobody told you about
X signs of low self esteem
X signs you could be a sociopath
X signs your relationship is really over
X traits of a toxic partner
X signs someone is a player

X signs of a passive aggressive narcissist
X signs of a unhealthy/ healthy friendship
X signs you are a genuine person
or: X difference between a fake VS genuine person
X signs of impostor syndrome

X habits that make people dislike you
X ways to flirt as an introvert
X reasons we love the people who hurt us
X signs someone is stringing you along (X signs you are being stringed along)
X Signs Someone is Playing Mind Games In A Relationship
X signs you are starving emotionally
X types of Manipulation Techniques Used by Predators
X things That Motivate Narcissists
X signs your partner is cheating
X types of toxic relationships
X signs of an unhealthy environment (school/ work/ household etc)
X common lies people would tell to their romantic partners
X common lies we tell ourselves
X signs you are in denial
X signs you are emotionally burnt out

X signs someone doesn’t love themselves
X signs you are uninspired
X signs you are charismatic
X signs you are emotionally strong
X signs you are a great conversationalist
X signs you will have an amazing life
X signs you will be a good parent
X sins you have a good heart
X signs you are actually unhappy
X signs of psychological Abuse
x signs you have a beautiful soul
x reasons someone is afraid of love
x reasons someone becomes heartless
x signs someone is heartless
x stages of the relationship cycle
10 weird things narcissists do
manifesting peace in difficult times
x signs you’re not an highly sensitive person, but an empath
x traits of a highly sensitive person (copy one of the video) lol
x reasons highly sensitive people struggle
x signs you are more mature than your age
10 things that secretly makes you unhappy

10 Signs you’re intuitive/ 10 signs you have good intuition

x psychological effects of growing up without love

5 Habits That Are Likely to Push a Partner Away

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More ideas generated by Mia Harper (new writer for Psych2Go just like yourself)

What causes anxiety?

How evolution explains panic attacks

What most people don’t understand about high functioning autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Women

Benefits of early intervention for autism

Why Borderline Personality Disorder is often misdiagnosed

Borderline Personality Disorder and relationships

How to talk to your family about mental health

How to use your strengths as a Highly Sensitive Person

Depression in college students

Careers in psychology

How to use your psychology degree

Benefits of studying psychology

Struggles of being a second generation immigrant

Things multiracial people want you to know

Unique traits of multiracial people

The beauty of having a blended family

Traits of someone with a sensory processing disorder

What is sleep paralysis?

Why do we have emotions?

How to know if you should try therapy

Benefits of group and family therapy

How culture can affect our mental health

The psychology of stereotypes and prejudices

Signs of an abusive relationship (romantic relationships)

Things people don’t tell you about abusive relationships

How abusive relationships can affect your future relationships

Things people don’t tell you about grief

How it feels to lose someone to suicide

7 different types of depressive disorders

The 5 different types of Imposter Syndrome

The benefits of having an emotional support animal

Signs you have an eating disorder

Signs someone you know has an eating disorder

Eating disorders vs. Disordered eating

Myths about eating disorders (or myths about specifics: anorexia, bulimia, etc.)

Side effects of eating disorders that people don’t talk about

Anxiety topics:

10 Thoughts Anxious People Have Throughout The Day
10 signs you are an introvert with anxiety
10 things anxiety makes us do
10 bad habits of people with anxiety
10 signs of social anxiety
10 ways anxiety affects your day to day life
10 things I never want to be told as someone with anxiety

We appreciate topics ranging from psychology, relationships, personal development, to life stories. Preferably we prefer topics that are in the digestable listicle format since our audience loves them. 

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