Traits of a toxic partner

Toxic love affair is as damaging as being in a drug addiction. Toxic relation can be resembled as slow posioning relationship. Ending relationship is hard, and harder when you have your feeling involved but staying in the toxic relationship would only lead to self destruction.

In this article we would be discussing the come traits that would indicate that one partner is toxic. If your feel these points in your relationship, you are definetly in a toxic love affair, and you know when you have to do for your own sake.

  1. Affecting your Identity.

You are doing everything perfect and all the sudden you see a list of flaws in your actions, you want to think them as perfectionist and sharp observer. There is time you might even thing he is telling this for your betterment but criticism is not intended to be helpful but rather to belittle. You will never see him happy and proud of you. When you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t acknowledge your value, it can be hard to see it yourself, they eventually effect your self-esteem and you started doubting your self-worth. You feel it when you are with a toxic partner and you know what you should do sooner the better

Just the fact we can call them ours makes all the pain and sorrow worthwhile. We feel like superheroes with the ability to cure emotional wounds, we don’t realize that we are the ones hurting ourselves

  1. The one-sided relation.

You see yourself constantly withdrawing energy without deposits. Remember, A one-sided relationship can never run smoothly. If the other party’s interest in the relationship is really just a reflection of him. You see him not Communicating, and it’s impossible to achieve any kind of balance. Mutual respect is the first requirement of a good partnership. There is no relationship without it. Period

Relationships are worth fighting for, but sometimes you can’t be the only one fighting.

  1. It’s always your fault

In anything, it’s always ends up being your fault. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere. Mutual reliability is important to building trust and is at the core of any good relationship. It’s almost impossible for anything positive to come out of a relationship filled with negativity. If you spend your time avoiding each other, that tells you all you need to know. If you cannot turn to each other, If you find yourself changing your opinions to please someone else. Is there a reason to be in the relationship? Note it, if you cannot do anything right, maybe the relationship is all wrong.

You are not responsible for the decision other makes; you are not responsible for the behaviors other do; and you are not responsible for how others feel.

  1. Faking Emotions

Smiles don’t always mean everything is OK. He is constantly making you unhappy. You don’t feeling productive, you’re always mentally, emotionally, and even physically drained. I believe it’s time to re-evaluate your relation. Sometimes your mind needs more time to discover what your heart already knows. Nothing is ever worth cutting corners, or accepting anything that is second rate.

Remember, one has the right to say no when you feel like it.

  1. Hostility

Constant anger is a sure sign of an unhealthy relationship. You should never be around hostility because it makes you feel unsafe.  If one person is in control, or a constant tug-of-war is going on, you’re probably spending too much energy navigating the relationship. Good relationships improve your life; they don’t make it messier. If you are constantly being your worst, you cannot be your best self.

There is just no excuse for hostility

No One is to suffer alone incases, for those who would life to talk and ask for annoymous, Feel free to contact by leaving you detail below

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