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A while ago I posted some articles about my trips to Germany and France, especially the food! I decided to share some travel tips since I had to learn many of these things the hard way.


1. Always carry spare coins for bathroom attendants. I got in trouble for not having any in Germany and I got yelled at. It was scary. Drop your coins in and say “Danke”, then move along.

2. Save your recyclables because in some grocery stores you can exchange them for money. Finish your drinks, then return your bottles with their lables intact to get some coins back.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. It’s best to dress like you are going on a hike if you are going to be out a lot because the paths in the cities are mostly cobblestone and not very suitable for heels.

4. If you’re doing a bike tour make sure you now how to ride a handle brake. All the tours I went on mostly just had this option. If you don’t feel extremely confident on a bike ask for a practice run before going out with the group.

5. Bring student ID for discounts. With being a student this is just an average tip. If you don’t ask you never know.

6. Check your ticket. You might have a reserved seat on the train…(It’ll say WG for wagon)

7. Stay hydrated. There isn’t air conditioning in a lot of places and it can get really hot so drink that water!


Thanks for reading and check out those articles (they have pictures!) if you have time.

Edited by: Alice

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