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‘I want to study psychology but I don’t want to be a psychologist’: Unique career options for psychology students

Psychiatry and counseling are popular career paths for people with a psychology degree (Cherry, 2016). This includes job titles like clinical psychologist, health psychologist, and sport psychologist.

If you are not interested in pursuing these typical career paths, there are plenty of other industries that hire psychology graduates. If you’re interested in marketing, for example, you can go into market researching or become a data analyst at a commercial organization.

These are some jobs that might appeal to you as a psychology graduate:

Social worker

Social workers help people cope with and solve problems in their everyday lives. They specifically help vulnerable children and families who are in need of assistance. Clinical social workers also help diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Learn more on how to become a social worker here.

Probation and parole officer

Probation officers and parole officers have similar jobs, but there is one key difference. A probation officer handles people who are sentenced to serve probation instead of being put in prison. A parole officer, on the other hand, handles people who have been released from prison after serving (part of) their sentence. Click here to find out which one is right for you.

Rehabilitation specialist

Rehabilitation specialists help people with mental or physical disabilities learn how to live on their own and take care of themselves. It is common for rehabilitation specialists to work in care facilities where the patients live full-time, but other facilities also offer outpatient services, where patients visit regularly.

Market researcher or advertising executive

Market researchers collect and analyze data on consumers and competitors. They help companies understand what products people want and at what price. They also study market conditions to examine sales of a product or service. Advertising executives apply this research in their work by selling advertising space to businesses and creating advertisements for businesses . Both market researchers and advertising executives can work in various types of industries, including advertising agencies, television, and internet publishing.

UX analyst

User experience (UX) jobs involve creating enjoyable experiences for the user of a website or product. A career as a UX analyst would suit you if you are interested in design, psychology, research, and coding. As a UX analyst, you will analyze user’s behaviors and preferences as well as the content and design of websites in order to create the best experience for them. In some companies, you will focus on research skills and psychology, while in others you will concentrate more on design and technical aspects. The role of a UX analyst often overlaps with that of a UX designer and UX architect – read about the differences between each job here.


Psychology is one of the most writing intensive majors next to English, so completing a bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares you extensively for a career that involves writing. Such writing careers include technical writer, newspaper reporter, and advertising copywriter. You can also apply your knowledge on psychology to pursue your own writing career as well! Famous non-fiction books written by psychologists include, Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things by psychology professor Robert Cialdini, Stumbling on Happiness by renowned Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, and The Paradox of Choice by American psychologist Barry Schwartz.


Cherry, K. (2016, April 16). Top 10 Psychology Career Trends. Verywell. Retrieved from

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