Want to Start Meditating but Don’t Know How?

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Vivienne Tang, expert and the founder of Destination Deluxe, shares her 5 simple tips to get you started.

Set Aside Time and Make it Part of Your Routine

Everyone is busy and seems to have little time to get anything done, let alone find time to meditate. But the more stressed out you are, the more you actually need to make meditation part of your life. It will transform you, I guarantee. And the only way for you to become good at something is for you to repeat it, over and over again. It’s like a muscle you exercise. So make it part of your routine. A great time to meditate is in the morning when you’re relaxed and most receptive. It’s a great way to start your day with positive energy.

Try a Guided Meditation on an App

Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand if you’re just starting out, even if it’s just to slow down your breath. There are so many great apps these days, it’s hard not to find something suitable. For beginners, some of my personal favorites are Headspace and Calm. They offer a whole spectrum of meditations, and they take you by the hand and really guide you. So start with easy, short ones, and then work your way through the offerings as you start to long for more intense sessions. Another great one, which I still use on a regular basis, is Holosync. You have to listen to it with headphones, as it works with brainwave patterns, leading you into a meditative state instantaneously. It creates “whole-brain” thinking and also helps the brain to create new neural pathways. They have a selection of meditations to address various areas in your life, such as health, love, success/career, creativity, weight loss, and so on. Start with the demo session, which will explain in detail how it works.

Start Slowly, Then Increase Your Time as You Go On

Start with 5 minutes. Simple. Start by learning to sit quietly, simply focusing on your breathing. Then start to increase it to 10 minutes. Often people try to do too much too soon, finding it too demanding. So take the pressure off and just relax into it. Don’t make it a chore. Make it something you look forward to every day. Once you’ve mastered this, you can start to extend it to possibly an hour. 

Simply Observe Your Thoughts and Feelings

Once you are used to the app, and you are comfortable sitting upright for a longer period of time, try meditating without the app. Even though many people always talk about emptying the mind, the trick is to simply observe your thoughts and feelings. Let them pass through the mind. If this is challenging, imagine yourself sitting on a mountain, seeing the thoughts as clouds. See them coming and going, without any judgment. It is impossible to stop your thoughts entirely, but as you develop your observation skills, your thoughts become less dominant and your life becomes more peaceful as a result of it. 

Find a Regular Group Meditation in Your Area

Group meditations can be very powerful, as they increase the healing energy that is available to you. Also, a regular group can be a great source of inspiration and a safe haven for you to share your experiences and receive more guidance and tips on your meditation techniques.

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