9 Ways to Care for Introverts

care for introvert

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to care for introverts. Are you ever in doubt of how you should care for introverts? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, anyone can use these tips on how to care for introverts.

  1. Respect Privacy

care for introverts

This is important for any person, but especially for introverts. As they get energy from being on their own for a bit, it’s important that people respect this need. Make sure you are also tuned in to their non-verbal cues, as they are less likely to openly tell you they feel like their privacy is being invaded.

  1. Do not embarrass them in public.

While sometimes it might only be meant as a joke, introverts generally prefer not to be the centre of attention. Don’t embarrass them in public, even as a joke. They don’t usually appreciate that.

  1. Give them space to observe in new or challenging situations.

homer simpson care for introverts

Introverts have a bigger than average tendency to watch before they act. In caring for introverts it’s important that you give them the space and time to do this. It’ll make them more comfortable and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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  1. Don’t demand…

introverted charlie mcdonnell

…instant answers. Introverts usually like to think about their reply for a bit. Particularly when they also have anxiety – such as social anxiety – it’s important to give them a chance to think and not demand instant answers.

  1. If you really care for introverts…

care for introverts katy perry

… do not interrupt. As a general rule for manners, interrupting is not very nice. But if you really care for introverts thoughts, don’t interrupt them, because they are not likely to repeat themselves to get their point across.

  1. Reprimand them privately

While most people are generally open to constructive criticism, introverts prefer to receive this in private. This harks back to not liking to be the centre of attention, and feeling embarrassed more easily.

  1. Teach them new things in a private environment

care for introverts learning

Again, this allows them to make mistakes without feeling like everyone saw. As they are more easily embarrassed than average, the best way to care for introverts is to give them the freedom to learn and make a mistake without feeling terrible over it.

  1. Don’t aggressively force them to make friends…

care for introverts party

Of course, just because they are introverts doesn’t mean that they don’t like making friends. They just prefer doing it on their own terms.

  1. Don’t try to convert them to extroverts…

care for introverts pokemon friendship

Variety is the spice of life! Don’t force them to be something they’re not – same goes for extroverts to introverts. Respect their personality, and everyone will be happier.

These were 9 ways to care for introverts What is your best way to care for introverts?

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