What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?


Have you ever compared your handwriting with your friends and see whose handwriting look “nicer” (I know I did!) and eventually wonder why they differ so much from each other?  

There’s an entire science behind handwriting analysis, called Graphology, and it has been used for a variety of purposes, from screening potential employees for compatibility to criminal investigations. 

 As it turns out, your handwriting is like your fingerprints with no two people having the same and it is completely unique to each individual person. Interestingly enough, your handwriting habits show a snapshot of your current mindset, thought processes, and unique personality quirks – every one of our loops, crosses, and dots can reveal something about yourself.

 Although handwriting analysis isn’t foolproof, it still holds an interesting value by providing great insights on ourselves and loved ones. 

Try writing out a sentence. We suggest: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” Then, keep reading to see what your handwriting says about you.


1) Size of your handwriting

The size of our handwriting represents the individual’s self-esteem and self-awareness. It is one of the most crucial characteristics to look out for, as it usually doesn’t change with time. 

Large handwriting indicates an individual who is outgoing, people-oriented, and often wants to feel understood and noticed. Meanwhile, small handwriting can mean the person is shy, detailed-oriented, and meticulous. 

Handwriting that is average in size shows that the individual is well-adjusted and adaptable        


2) Spacing between words

According to Klein (2007), the distance between two words is an indication of how close or how far we feel towards other people. So, the space left empty between two words is a clear manifestation of the unconscious. 

People who enjoy their freedom and don’t like to be overwhelmed tend to write with wide spacing and gaps between words; whereas, individuals who don’t like to be alone and could be intrusive at times tend to have narrow spacing between words. 


3) Slanting of the words

Did you know the slant in handwriting represents not only the psychological qualities of a person but on their temporary emotional state as well? – that’s why it can be always changing! 

The tendency to slant to the right when an individual is writing shows that they are friendly, sentimental, open to new experiences, and highly value friends and family. On the other hand, slanting to the left shows that the person tends to be more introspective and reserved, and they generally prefer to work behind the scene.

If someone writes without slanting, it shows that they tend to be logical, practical, and pragmatic.   


 4) How are you dotting your “i”’s

Given that the dot of the letter ‘i” is something very small, it can say a lot about you. If the individual prefers to dot way above, it indicates that they tend to have great imagination; whereas, individuals who dot right over the “i” are likely to be detail-oriented, organized, and emphatic in what they say or do. 

The dot of the letter ‘i” that is replaced by slash shows that the person can be overly self-critical and don’t have a lot of patience for inadequacy. Meanwhile, circling their ‘i”s shows that they want to be a visionary and have childlike curiosity. 


5) The way you cross your “T”s

The way we cross our “T”s represents the will within individuals, the ability to carry out the goals that have been set, and persistence for the achievement of ideals. 

 Crossing at the top of the “T” indicates that an individual has big goals, can be ambitious and has good self-esteem. If the cross is right in the middle, they tend to be confident and feel comfortable in their own skin. 

The tendency to have long crosses shows that they are very determined and enthusiastic, but might be stubborn at times. Short crosses, on the other hand, tend to be lazy and lack the determination to get things done.


6) Type of margins

The way how space is being used can tell us a lot about someone’s outlook on life, sociability, the ability for planning, organization, and adjustment to rules.

The left margin is often an indication of people’s perception of their past and how it plays in their behavior today. People who leave a narrow left margin tend to have their actions and views based on their past experiences, and they can be reserved when it comes to decision making. On the other hand, a wide left margin shows that the person is keen to move on from their past and embrace the future, and open to new experiences. 

 Similarly, the right margin tells us about a person’s attitude to the future. People who leave a narrow right margin tend to embrace the future, sociable, and adaptable; whereas a wide right margin shows that the person is cautious towards the future and prefers to the current stability.  


These are 6 commonly found handwriting habits that we can all refer to. They might seem unbelievable, but they are one of the few ways for you to gain some insights about yourself on a whole new level, especially when it usually takes a lifetime to get to know someone, let alone ourselves. Get started today to see for yourself, and who knows, you might be surprised with the results! 


Written by Charlotte Tong



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