What is the best treatment for Balanitis in Delhi?

Balanitis is an inflammatory penile condition that causes a lot of pain soreness. In balanitis, the inflammation occurs in the glans or head of the penis. The condition can arise due to reasons like too tight foreskin, poor hygiene, microbial infections, diabetes and sexually transmitted infections, posthitis, etc.

The condition is quite common and it is estimated that 1 in every 10 men in the world experiences balanitis at some point in his life. It must be shocking for you to know this. Also, the condition is much more common in uncircumcised men, as the moist and dark area under the foreskin can act as a breeding ground for a variety of microbes.

It is not at all wise to leave balanitis cure on its own or indulge in self-medication. You should only follow the treatment practices that your doctor advises you to. Also, you should know that since it is a common problem in males, it is easy to find a suitable doctor.

Doctors usually advise one or more of the following treatments to cure the inflammation of the glans-

Treatment Options for Balanitis

Good Hygiene Practices- Improper hygiene is one of the major causes of balanitis. Therefore, in the initial stages of balanitis, switching to good hygiene practices can help subside the symptoms. All you need to do is wash the area under the foreskin properly so as to prevent microbial attack.

Antifungals and Antibiotics- If the root cause of balanitis in your case is fungal or bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe certain antifungal or antibiotic medicines. These can be oral as well as topical. These medicines will fight off the underlying infection and thus treat the problem of balanitis. However, infections can be recurrent and thus you may have to go through the troubles of balanitis quite frequently.

Monitor your diabetes-  Remnants of the urine that remain on the penis, if high in sugar is the best condition for the infection causing bacteria. If you are a diabetic patient, keep an eye on your blood sugar levels. Take your medicines on time and discuss with your doctor the measures and tips to keep blood sugar in check.

Circumcision- For cases of recurrent balanitis, the only permanent solution is circumcision. Circumcision is the surgical process of removal of the layer of foreskin from the penis. It is easier to maintain the hygiene of a circumcised penis. Thus, it provides protection against balanitis. A number of circumcision procedures are available nowadays, e.g. ZSR and laser circumcision. The modern procedures are much safer and less complicated than open circumcision surgery.

Therefore, even choosing among the circumcision techniques require you to be aware of the intricacies and chances of potential complications.

What is the best permanent treatment of Balanitis?

Over the years, the procedure of circumcision has evolved quite a lot. Nowadays, the most modern and advanced treatment for balanitis is laser circumcision.

Laser circumcision is a high precision and  simplified treatment  that uses a high intensity laser beam to remove the layer of foreskin from the penis. The procedure does not require any major cuts, incisions or stitches, and does not leave behind any wounds or scars. The entire procedure of laser circumcision is absolutely painless and does not involve any bleeding.

In addition to being a painless procedure, laser circumcision is a 100% safe and successful procedure as well. The risk of postoperative infections and complications is nil, so you can rely on it without any second thoughts.

Also, laser circumcision is a fast and speedy procedure. The procedure itself takes around 15 minutes and after a few hours of the surgery, you can go home. The recovery is quite smooth and you can even resume your normal routine in 2-3 days.

You can easily get balanitis treatment in Delhi

This is beneficial particularly for people in metro cities like Delhi, who cannot take a lot of time out of their tightly-packed schedules for treatment. This is the reason why many doctors and hospitals are now shifting to modern laser circumcision in Delhi.

So if you are dealing with the pain and troubles of balanitis, and are looking for some good hospitals and doctors for your treatment, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care. Pristyn Care is associated with the best doctors and hospitals in the country.

They offer the modern laser circumcision, and all their surgical procedures are approved by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA). Also, a number of Pristyn Care clinics are operational throughout Delhi, so it won’t be very difficult to find a clinic near your place for consultation. And, don’t worry much, privacy of your entire treatment will be maintained

Take Away

It is understandable that living with balanitis can add up to your worries and daily discomforts. Also, not opening up about the problem can make it even more miserable. Make sure that you seek medical help in time so that you can resume your normal stress free life. Choosing the healthcare provider that offers you hassle free experience is the right decision.

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