What To Do When We End A Friendship

The loss of a friend can be unendurable depending on how the friendship ends… These people spend time participating in our lives, supporting and also calling on us when it’s necessary.

We build memories that will never be forgotten and each one of them are valuable and should be cherished but sometimes in life things change and we have to say goodbye to those who were so important to us for various reasons.

So if you need some help, let’s hop right into What To Do When You End A Friendship


1: Make Sure You Have Proper Closure

When ending contact some people make the mistake of not communicating properly or simply ignoring their former friend. But not having closure can be an excruciating mental struggle for them to face… It’s not respectful or fair to somebody who’s been with you in the best and worst moments of your life.

Because of that, make sure you organize your thoughts and reasons for leaving these connections behind before going no contact.

2: Be Kind To You And To Your Ex-Friend

It isn’t helpful to paint anybody as the villain or the victim in any relationship, we all make mistakes and nobody is perfect even when we try our best. So when you are having that conversation with your friend try not to point fingers or name mistakes that were made by them. Let them know how you feel, it’s not really about facts but how you were affected by them OK?

3: Do Not Feel Guilty

We are not mean for jumping out of what hasn’t been good for us, it’s not a matter of superiority it’s a matter of consciousness. Look at yourself, look at your friend, look at your friendship and look around yourself. If anything doesn’t seem right it is on you to correct it and if you really need to let anything or anybody go for reasons that truly matter to you, then it’s valid.

4: Remind Yourself That You Are Worthy Of Friends

Just because we have one, two or even zero friends it doesn’t qualify us as “unfriendable” or unfriendly. All of us have amazing qualities that should be shared with the world and there will always be plenty of people out there that will be anxious for us to enter in their lives and have a great time with them.

5: Make Sure You Become A Better Friend

Use this experience and time to acknowledge what you can improve in yourself as a human being and so as a friend. Don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself, just make sure you are being fair and kind to you throughout the process and next time you have a new friend it will be even better than your prior friendship.

6: Put Yourself Out There

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the actual world or online, try to talk to more people just for the pleasure of new experiences. You’d be surprised by how many people you can start a friendship with just by having a simple conversation or even by giving a modest compliment.


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