What Your Favorite Animal Says About Your Personality


By now, I’m sure you already have an idea of your personality through Myers Briggs, also known as the 16 personalities. But have you ever wondered whether your admiration of one animal over another actually speaks volume about your personality as well? 


While some animals are adorable, while others may appear to be dangerous, each of them have very specific characteristics to them and some of these may translate into you as well! 


*Before we begin, we would like to make a disclaimer that this video is made for fun and for entertainment purposes only. The personality types mentioned are just rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. With that said, let’s continue!



You are a very motivated individual who believes in yourself. More often than not, you are determined to pursue your desire in life. Once there is an opportunity, you would definitely take full advantage of it by taking the beaten path.



As much as you can be playful and have a carefree attitude in life, you are a loyal and protective individual who will do anything for your loved ones. You often treat others with kindness and always believe in the best in others.



You are adventurous and truly enjoy your independence, and that makes you dislike others making decisions for you or when something is holding you back in life. Once you feel that your freedom is being restricted, you would have the desire to breakfree from it.
No matter the situation, you are able to withstand your resilient and sturdy personality that will continue to push you forward.



You are an individual whose strength shines so strongly through your mind, body and spirit. You tend to be peaceful and selfless by often demonstrating your endless amount of love and care for others, even if it is not being reciprocated. This also translates that you are always working towards a common good and want the best for others. 



You tend to be independent, kind and practice a huge amount of patience towards others. Instead of being fixated on the minor details, you generally embrace life as you are able to view the bigger picture



You have a great capacity for introspection and self reflection, often having a strong sense of who you are and the direction in your life, knowing exactly what you want in life. At times, you may allow emotions to play a critical part in decision making and more often than not, you are not afraid to deviate from the pod if you feel that your views are not being appreciated. 


You prefer to have a plan than being spontaneous as you may have a tough time accepting change. However, you are not afraid of challenges as you view it as opportunities for success.



As the lion is the king of the jungle, you tend to be a leader that commands respect who is also highly confident and ambitious. People would be able to witness your bravery when you are facing moments of doubt. 


You tend to be fiercely loyal and protective to your loved ones, this trait in turn attracts people who will always stand by you no matter what. 



You tend to be goofy and bursting with cheerfulness as you enjoy having a good laugh, this ensures everybody around you is having a great time. Your strong sense of independence is always coupled with flexibility, and it is sometimes tough for others to know your real thoughts. 



Although you can be reserved at times, you are a passionate individual who is a great conversationalist. When facing a difficult situation and the unknown, you tend to confront it with your bravery, wit and charm. You tend to have a way of getting what you want as you are adept at strategizing.  



You are tough and courageous, making the people around you feel that you are very dependable, this is especially so when adversity arises. At heart, you are a sweetie and can be very protective by taking care of others. 



You are a mysterious individual who holds yourself to high standards. Since you can adapt to any situation, you often act on instincts and intelligence when it comes to moments of doubt. You tend to accomplish tasks with great determination.


You truly value your close friends and would not hesitate to protect them when they face any troubles. 



You tend to be intuitive and more sensitive than others, often able to pick up on how others are feeling. Given that you are an introvert, you prefer to blend in with the crowd and retreat on a regular basis to recharge your mental and emotional capacity. 



You are a highly intelligent individual who is very sensitive (and aware) of their surroundings. You approach life from a pragmatic standpoint, and your perfectionist tendencies propel you toward success.


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