Who broke the vase? This Quiz Will Reveal Your Hidden Personality Based On Your Judgment

Sometimes in life, we have to solve mysteries comparable to those found in Sherlock Holmes in his television version or in the novels. Cases hardly possible to solve that leave no visible traces that can point to a particular culprit. Clues, assumptions, and intuition: that’s all you have on hand to find the solution. In those moments is when you most reveal your ability to judge and you can notice the influence of your personality when making decisions.

Today, Psych2Go want to present a very curious test in which you have no track beyond what you can see in the image. There is no definitive element that points the culprit once and for all. It all depends on what you see and what clues you note as determinants. You are the mother of the picture. Look at all your kids carefully in the picture. Which of the children has broken the vase?

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  1. Not accurate at all, heck the quiz didn’t even offer my answer as a possible one. I would have picked option E, the mother, but there was no option E so I had to go with an answer that I would not have given at all (that is to say options A through D). But I guess that’s just like Psych2Go’s more recent “Quizes”, limiting the taker’s options to the point where they HAVE to pick randomly rather than honestly. What’s more, one picture isn’t even remotely enough to be considered a quiz, let alone one that could accurately determine your personality as proven by that “Crocodile/Bird” picture that was clearly a tree (but it only let you choose Crocodile or Bird despite the image looking nothing like either one) and proven further by this.

  2. It was obviously not any of the children. It was the adult who broke it, in tho hopes of either teaching the children a lesson, or finding out who the weak link is.

  3. I chose none of them as the evidence is circumstantial and a picture does not convey the events…

  4. Hi Kelly and Psycho2go

    I notice from the quiz “Who broke the vase? I checked out your personality based on your judgment!”
    there is a shirt color error in answers B and D
    In the picture
    Child B wears a blue shirt, while the explanation in the answer of child B wears a Pink shirt. vice versa for Answer D. I use google translate to say this but I hope you understand and see my point of correction. Thanks

  5. I only picked child A because the mother wasn’t an option. she clearly looks like she was holding moments ago and dropped it.


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