The Word You See First Reveals Your Subconscious Personality

This quick test will tell you a lot about your personality…

This is the fastest personality quiz ever created. All you have to do is look at the picture and first word that you think fits there can tell you a lot about yourself. The first word the picture makes you see can even tell you about your subconscious personality traits. Is your personality lively or dominating? Do you ever wonder if you’re a creative, deep-thinker or an honest person? This quick test can tell you a lot about what type of person you truly are. This short personality quiz comes from The Mind’s Journal.



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    • Nadia, Try “loner” next time.
      BTW, I read your name as Dania at the first glance. I later noticed the mistake.
      Is there a personality test about how we read names at the first sight?

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Written by Kelly Soong

Kelly studies Bachelor of Digital Media at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. She's a graphic designer, webmanager, social media manager and writer for Psych2Go. She also has great passion for doodling, reading and web design.

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