Working In An Extroverted Environment: A Survival Guide

In a perfect world, you would make a living staying at home all day, working from the safety of your lounge with your home comforts. You would be left to your own devices and be able to keep your batteries charged to do other things. But unfortunately, not all of us are making money off of our hobbies painting, writing or whatever they may be. Speaking from experience, it can be really tough for an introvert being in an extroverted work role or environment, so here is a survival guide for how you survive it.


Be healthy

You might roll your eyes at me now but hear me out: Eat good food that will keep your energy on a steady level throughout the day and exercise regularly. Being healthy obviously comes with a lot of benefits, but one of the best ones is to have the energy to deal with being overstimulated on a daily basis.


Create habits

Work in customer service? Make it a habit to smile and seek eye contact when you see someone. Making a habit out of it means that you will automatically do your job right with much less effort because your body is doing the job for you. Plus, you will come off as nice and outgoing when really you just want to hide from everyone (and you won’t scare people off with your frown if you’re part of the “frowny when relaxed”-face club).


Get enough sleep

Again, hear me out before you roll your eyes. I know, it’s such a classic; getting enough sleep. Easy to say if you’re not the sort of person who likes the feeling of being awake on your own at night while the rest of society is asleep. But we need to be well-rested in order to cope with things that tire us out. (And you will need the energy to squeeze in that gym session to release some endorphins, remember? Okay yes, now you definitely hate me).


Take breathers

Let your mind and body rest when you get the chance. If possible, have lunch by yourself in a quiet staff room or outside away from people. Enjoy the break, breathe and then go push through the afternoon.


Even sneak away if you’re desperate

If one or two breaks isn’t enough for you (which I’m sure it isn’t), take micro-breaks by sneaking off for a moment. Go to the bathroom, sit quiet and shut everything out by going into your head or take an extra 15 seconds in the stockroom.


Plan your tasks

Organize your day according to your mood. If you feel up for it, do the tasks that take more energy from you. And when you feel tired or overwhelmed, choose to take care of the tasks that have you sitting down concentrating for a while.


Be prepared for the fall

Warn the people you live with because you are on your way home and about to crash any second. Your head is spinning, you feel confused and dehydrated. As if you’re running a marathon, all you can focus on is your bed, ready for you to collapse on. You might not even have time to take your shoes off. Have a rest, collect yourself and then start dinner. If you’re busy with kids or other responsibilities after work, you will just have to run for a little bit longer until you can collapse for the night.


Allow yourself to be ‘the quiet one’

You can still be hardworking and good at what you do, even if you’re an introvert in a job that’s more suitable for an extrovert (most of them are nowadays). Choose quality over quantity when speaking, and work hard in silence. Let your success speak for you.


Get to know your colleagues

Once you’re more familiar with your co-workers, it can feel easier to interact with them without much effort or thought put into it. And the more they know you, the more okay they will be with your silence in turn. It’s okay to not always make small talk.


Aim for the Oscar’s

Because you deserve one for all the acting you do every day for the sake of being what your job needs you to be. You put on a roll every morning as much as any actor does (where is your hefty check?!) and work really hard. Congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself!


Do you have any tips of your own? Share below!



Edited by Viveca Shearin


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  1. I never tought of receving amy attention for being an introvert. I always worked hard with out exclusion because i’ve always tryed to ne the best i could expecting nothing because people care only if you are unsucessful in love. All i got especially from family was gealousy even and especially from my fother. Its nice to see people finally giving concern for introverts and dont only see weidness on US. Thankyou

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