Worried Someone Dislikes You? Look for These 6 Signs.

Do you feel like you are on murky grounds with that one person? Like you are not sure if they like you sometimes or hate you the other? One day you are joined at the hip, laughing and dancing together and then they go weeks without speaking to you?

Are these mixed signals confusing you and causing you to wonder if they dislike you? In that case, you have come to the right place! In this article, I’ll help you by pointing out some signs to look for if you are worried someone dislikes you.

Number 1, The fact that they made you worried in the first place.

Your answer is in your question.

When feelings of distrust start to make their way into a relationship that means something is not right. When we first feel like our friendship is not the same as it was, usually, we do not act upon it immediately. We think ‘maybe I’m just imagining things’ or ‘maybe it’s me’, but when things stretch out for too long and you still feel like the other person is pulling away, that is your first sign. Over time you will also notice that their actions and words will change, such as avoiding eye contact and making excuses not to meet with you.

Number 2, They keep their distance. When among others they stay away from you.

Your close friend is holding a party to celebrate her birthday and you are all gathered in the living room playing cards and drinking Cola. But you have noticed since your arrival that one person has been keeping their distance, always busy hanging around another group and avoiding running into you. When your eyes meet, they simply smile, out of politeness, and turn to engage in conversations with others. All these signs clearly point out that person harboring some negative feelings toward you.

You should not be concerned about it, there are more fish in the sea as they say! If one person does not match the same wavelength as you, then you should not try too hard. Forging forced relationships can cause strain on both parties and unwanted problems, so it’s best to stay clear of them.

Number 3, They are envious.

Have you been saving your money for years just so that you can buy the latest Louis Vuitton handbag? And when you have finally got it, after all the blood, sweat, and tears, you are just so happy you can’t help but show off a little? But it’s okay because you are among your friends and all of them like you; however, that one person ‘accidentally’ dropped the glass of water over your bag when you were sitting in a restaurant. They may apologize to you but secretly they will be happy to see your devastated face. They are envious of your success and wish to rob it away from you. These kinds of people do secretly dislike you.

Number 4, They Ignore your messages / do not stay in contact.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you sent out greetings for all your group of friends, congratulating them on this joyous occasion and wishing to celebrate. Everyone replies enthusiastically and sends out invites for parties, except that one person whose message is still unread from the last year when you congratulated them. Yeah, there is no mistake about it, it’s obvious they dislike you in this case.

Number 5, They keep things behind your back.

Do you sometimes notice when you are gathered with your coworkers or a group of friends there is something you are not quite catching? Like a secret is being kept from you. The others are talking about a certain topic, and you are wondering if you have heard this story before or not? You hear snippets here and there and you are completely lost?

This is a sign that people were talking without including you. They do this to make you feel insignificant and ignored. And sometimes when you point it out, asking ‘hey, I haven’t heard of this before.’ they either completely ignore you and move on, changing the subject quickly, or they feign ignorance and tell you about it, but they are not actually sincere.

Number 6, They are ungrateful

Have you ever been late to a conference because you got stuck up helping a friend? Your friend called you asking for a ride because they forgot their bus card for example, and they pleaded that you could drop them off on your way. Since it wouldn’t do any harm you agreed, telling yourself they are your friends, and you should help each other in times of need. But after all the trouble you went through, there wasn’t any gratitude from the other person. They whisper a small thank you and get off, leaving you wondering if they secretly dislike you.

When your efforts are not being given their value, when you are not receiving what you deserve in return, then this is a sign they secretly hate you.

In conclusion, maintaining social relationships requires skills, you need to navigate the atmosphere and choose your words carefully to keep relations positive and going. Having good relations will be helpful in life and the opposite is true when you have contact with people who don’t like you. To avoid that, look for these signs: they make you feel worried about where you stand, they keep their distance, they are envious, they ignore your messages, they keep things behind your back, and they are ungrateful.

Did you find any of these signs in your friend? If so, do not be upset. Remember, people are made different by their hobbies, likes and dislikes, their friends, and everydaylife. Sometimes we come across individuals that share the same interests as us, but other times we do not mesh together and that’s totally okay. This is what makes the world a diverse place that is full of possibities and encounters. Always look towards the bright side!

Written by Ruqaya Shahin.


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