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Psych2Go is currently in the process of revamping our website! The site as it looks now will become its own community section, where you can contribute freely. The new site, however, will feature fuller, fresher articles that are more professional and unique.

Do you have an idea for a psychology-related article that you’d like to have published on the new site? If so, please send your pitch to sophiepoulsen47@gmail.com with:

  • A brief summary on the topic you’d like to write about (including the main topic, the argument you’re making (if applicable), and your motivation for writing about the topic)
  • The intended audience of your article (Who are you writing the article for? Who is most likely to read your article?)
  • A marketing plan (How do you personally intend to advertise and share your article? Because of Psych2Go’s limited reach, it is important that writers who contribute to the site can use their own resources to market their articles.)
    • We’re currently in the process of helping writers develop a marketing plan for their content, which includes SEO learning, writing catchy titles and captions, adding eye-catching visuals, and proper etiquette on emailing psychologists or major websites to reference in your piece

IMPORTANT: Before you send your pitch, please make sure that your idea isn’t already featured on Psych2Go, at least not in the 20 most recent articles.

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