Your Software Development Company May Not Want You to Know This

Software Development

What motivates you to put your visions and goals into the hands of a software development company?

Maybe a brand name, budget-friendly rates or an eloquent salesperson who knows your growth story and challenges. At the initial stages of the selection, it is very difficult to get access to the people who are going to work on your project.

Rarely a software development company will let you meet the people who are actually working on your project. You will be mainly meeting Project Manager, who in most of the organizations are experienced professionals, well-aware how to handle the concerns of the clients.

Till the time you meet the team members, a lot has been already put on the stake.

Software development is a teamwork, and so just one person that you meet cannot ride your project throughout alone. Consider these factors before you hire one such company, rather giving up to compelling branding, Internet-based market analysis, or impressive salesperson.

#1 Try to See Beyond the Price War

Remember the era, somewhere around the late 1990s when psychological pricing strategy came into effect. Those odd retail prices ending with number 9, such as $1.99 or $2.98. The fraction pricing is still being used in the retail segment, because most people fall prey to this, without understanding the true cost or relative value.

When it comes to B2B segment, pricing greatly affects the people’s mind, but it is not the only thing, until there is extreme budget constraint, prefer quality over price, and don’t get yourself attracted to innovative pricing policies.
But this does not mean giving up to the demands of application developing companies.

Make sure that the organization has the level of expertise that is essential for your software project,
Also, better discuss the pricing model that covers the scope of your project and not a fixed pricing. In a fixed price model, every company will try to cover their risk and in doing so you may be getting charged extra.

#2 Focus on Communication and Quality

As already mentioned earlier, Software Development is a teamwork, where coding is an important but a relatively small part. Though, companies use high-level of communication system, but since there are human factors involved in development and integration, try to increase the communication and collaboration with the developers who are going to work on your specific project.

Before you close the deal, ask your technology partner to provide you important details, such as:

1. The details of developers and designers, including their total work-experience, previous projects they have worked on, and capabilities.

2. Discuss vision of the organization with respect to your project and the number of resources that are going to assist you at the later stages of the project.

3. What method they follow: SCRUM/Agile and what project management tool they use.

4. Get critical details of the timelines and how they are going to meet the timelines while being within the budget.

5. Understand the quality standards they follow at each stage and at the final stage.

#3 Technology Knowledge

Avoid a company that is jack of all trades and master of nothing. A company of 200 employees providing more than 20 different types of technology services, may not be the right company for you.

If your project is about front-end development, choose a company with a solid team having JavaScript expertise, and if you are looking for iOS apps, seek a software development company with a team of Objective -C, C# programming languages.

Choose an expert, or at least that has a dedicated team for each service. Better checkout their projects but also check the timeline and team members who have worked on that project.

Here size of the company doesn’t matter, instead focus on the expertise of the employees.

#4 Understanding of the Project

Your app is for users, and so pick a partner who understand the capabilities, preferences, and expectations of your users.

Your development company must know about your business and understand the challenges that you face from technical and business perspectives.

In the meet-ups, discuss your visions and goals to help them focus on your priorities than just simply developing a product.

#5 Find Customer Reviews or Ask for Recommendations

If a customer is ready to pull together their success stories for the company, it means they value the relationship and also are interested in part of the growth story of another company.

It also reflects a collaborative work environment created by both organizations, wherein both the parties recognize the efforts of creating excellent business experience in technology.

Here’s your checklist of the things you need to know, before you close the deal:

General Questions

1. What do you understand of our project?

2. What is your process and approach of creating a software application?

3. What is the mechanism you choose to communication about Progress, Plan, and Problems?

4. At what level at each stage you seek our support and what will be our contribution in the role of forming team?

5. How do you manage challenges?

6. How you are going to collaborate with us?

7. Who is the best skilled member of your team (not the PM)?

8. What will be timeline and what measure you will be taking to ensure timely completion?

9. Could you provide customer testimonials/ references or recommendations?

Technical Questions

1. How do you ensure software quality?

2. What is the agreement for source code?

3. What best practices you follow for software development?

If you get a satisfactory answer of all these questions from the software development company, it’s time to close the deal.

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