10 Career an INFJ would excel in

Before we begin, we would like to make a disclaimer that this article is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, which is just a theory and has personality types that are just rough tendencies rather than strict classifications. With that said, let’s jump right into the article!

Do you like your work? Are you stumped over what career path to follow?

INFJs are the rarest personality types, making up just under 1 to 2% of the population with women slightly leading in number (Holm).

INFJs are insightful intuitive types that are future-focused and driven. What separates them from other types, such as the intuitive thinkers, is their inclination towards humanitarian and creative work that involves uplifting and inspiring other people.

Oftentimes, an INFJ may have a much harder time finding the right career path due to their unrelenting desire for their work to have meaning. The search for meaningful work is what pushes the INFJ to eye certain fields, like teaching and the arts.

With that said, here are 10 careers that an INFJ personality type would excel in.

1. Psychologist / Therapist

Do you like consoling and helping people out? A job that gets to the core of people’s innermost feelings and addresses problems in them is a perfect role for the INFJ. Being a psychologist or therapist allows the INFJ to use their logical prowess and abundant empathy to extend their hand to others through studying and analyzing their behaviors, then giving proper feedback to them. An inherent desire in assisting in the healing process of individuals plus skilled usage in applying proper methodology makes INFJs capable psychologists and therapists.

2. Human Resources Manager

Do you have great tells on reading a person’s non-verbal language? Aside from being gifted communicators, INFJs are also perceptive at reading people with pinpoint precision. These traits make INFJs great additions to a company’s human resources team. Landing a job in Human Resources also requires a degree of empathy, organization, and patience, aligning perfectly with the traits that an INFJ already possesses.

3. Guidance Counselor

Have you ever been told that you give great advice? For an INFJ, being able to untangle the knots and shed a positive light on individuals at their lowest moments is something that gives them a sense of fulfillment. INFJs themselves are motivated in witnessing the gradual progress that their counselee undergoes, indicative of INFJ’s people-oriented nature. Although a horde of new faces may cause the INFJ to spread themselves out too thin and wear out, a few, recurring clients are perfectly acceptable for this introverted type to handle.

4. Educator

Do you like being able to teach things you care about? As an educator, there is an emphasis on value-adding work and a passion to inspire and teach others. INFJs are natural educators, adept at motivating people towards a shared goal as well as identify their natural strengths. (Indeed)  Although the routinary aspects of this noble profession like grading might be a bit taxing, the ability to inspire and enlighten others makes this career option all the more worthwhile for the INFJ.

5. Social Worker

Do you like making the world a better, more inclusive place? INFJs are extremely purpose-driven and value-oriented, often at the forefront of significant movements aimed at changing the world (Holm). Being a social worker allows the INFJ to handle complex humanitarian issues while also providing them an avenue to come up with unique, real-world solutions. Addressing the roots of real issues fulfill the INFJ since it upholds their rigid set of personal principles while also promoting justice in their chosen sector.

6. Actor / Actress

Do you like theater? How about film? INFJs are highly imaginative and empathetic people, being able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, fictional or not. Their unparalleled introverted intuition and sponge-like attributes make them great at acting, taking the lead or supporting roles in theater or film. In general, NF types tend to gravitate towards this career path because there they can present themselves as an entirely different person, allowing them to creatively and openly express themselves without being clamped to just one side of themselves.

7. Writer

Do you have a passion for expressing your creativity? Many INFJs are articulate writers, and their eloquence paired with their organized thought process makes them naturals at writing in their chosen niche. Aside from that, it is also a career that is best done in peace and solitude, which is the perfect time for introverts like the INFJ to dive into their rich inner world without distractions from the outside world.

8. Social Scientist

Do you have an interest in studying society and human behavior? Sociology hones in on society throughout history, making it perfect for the people-oriented and structured INFJ. Aside from that, social scientists are also skilled researchers that emphasize how ethnic and racial groups get affected by policies (Truity), adding a layer of meaning to the work. The solitary nature of the work coupled with the INFJ’s natural craving for structure and order makes this a viable career option.

9. Artist

Do you like designing new things? One of the things that INFJs love to do is captivate an audience without necessarily being in the spotlight themselves, and being a graphic artist allows them to show a piece of themselves to the world in a creative and personal way. Even without the use of verbal or written language, INFJs are incredibly gifted at communicating the “feel” of their creations, making them highly talented artists. Whether it’s graphic design or animation, an INFJ would find themselves at home in this line of work.

10. Diplomat

Do you like talking to people of all sorts of backgrounds and finding common ground between them? INFJs are altruists, making them naturals in peacekeeping affairs. They can accurately read the emotions of people, all while still maintaining composure and sticking grounded on their principles. Repairing and maintaining good relations with other parties while also playing a vital role in shaping their country’s national policies (Shulsinger) is a duty that an INFJ is more than capable of doing.

Closing Words

The INFJ is truly a mysterious type (Holm), but their flexibility and intuition allow them a wide range of options that they could excel in.

Are you planning to pursue a career path in the list? Are there other career paths not listed here that you would like to pursue instead? Let us know!

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