4 Ways To Calm The Mind

Our lives deal with plenty of difficult challenges.  It could be from overload at work, unexpected health scares, or strife in our relationships. The effects from them can weather us down if left ignored, putting off things we planned.

What happens when we are exposed to prolonged amounts of stress? It will wear down our health and energy causing us to be more narrowly focused on ourselves. We may become stuck and find it hard to break out from a negative cycle. In contrast, practicing ways to calm a restless mind can aid in becoming more resilient and stop staying in a default position. Reminder that you should not substitute this video instead of professional advice. Hear out these 4 ways we can calm our minds.

1. Clear your mind in nature.  

Immersing in nature can do a lot in reducing our anxieties and stresses from day to day. Taking a 30 min walk or bringing your fitness routine outside can boost our physical and emotional wellbeing. Research demonstrates how building the mind and body connection is great to maintaining our health and thinking. Go on a short trail, sit and touch some grass, and take a breather for yourself will help provide a space to clear your head. 

2. Pause and be mindful.

Research defines mindfulness as being aware of what is happening presently while monitoring your thoughts and emotions. The overall goal of mindfulness is to develop being non-reactive with internal battles like with negative thoughts or emotions. Starting by asking ourselves, “Why do I feel this way?” and journaling our emotions can help us keep a record of a pattern. For example, when we notice a pattern or why something triggers a cycle of critical self talk, we can stop fueling it and pause to apply self care. 

3. Go back to basics 

The simple acts and hobbies we had growing up are most often overlooked. Similar to being mindful, we can reclaim our mind by engaging in a healthy hobby to reduce our stress. Research shows that reading is able to calm nerves when faced with a problem as well as relieving fatigue.  Another way to entertain and lower our cortisol levels, the stress hormone, is by listening to music. These are a few. Spending time gardening or being creative has potential to improve anxiety and builds strong social bonds that will lessen a burnt out mind.

4. Connecting with others. 

Being able to touch and make connections with others in our communities is as basic as food and shelter. The support we receive is a social signal to tell us that things are okay.  A hug from a friend or cuddling with our pets are our stress buffers. The oxytocin released from the support of others plays an important role in our resilience. 

So how do we stay connected? As we take note to take better care of ourselves and see the bigger picture, the outward focus will help us find intentional ways – whether virtual or in person – to connect with others. Being calm is the key. Each time we succeed in practicing ways to calm our minds, we will gain better clarity to get the most out of ourselves.

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