Animation Guideline

If you’re interested in being a part of our illustration or animation team, here’s a rough idea of how our team completes their project.

“I used Movie Maker and I use Paint Tool Sai to do my drawings, so I just drew frame by frame animations and added them to movie maker, along with the audio” – Dyzkei

When submitting in your motivation for applying, here’s a statement you can use:

“I am currently studying Graphic Design for my major and a minor in Comic Art and Graphic Novels. As a career I’ve always wanted to do illustration and animation as I aspire to be a comic artist. With the experience, I hope to be able to build up my portfolio and possibly be more capable of being in an art career. As I would love this to be a long term thing, I believe short term may be the best since I still have to deal with a college/university lifestyle, but I will be more than happy to return if things work out well!”

As you guys know, we always ask for a sample replicating a minute of our work to see if you’re a fit.

Once your sample passes the green light, then assign you our first official project for collaboration.

You will be given a script, and a voice over.

Here’s an example email you may receive:

Here’s the voice over:

And here’s the script:

Let me know if you’re down for this one! 🙂

Once you are done the video, you will then submit the draft over to our manager and she will let you know of any final touches she needs! 🙂

To submit the draft, you can upload to Youtube unlisted or you can submit it to dropbox.

Any other questions can be directed to your manager 🙂

If you’re interested in officially applying to our team, email us at with the following:

  1. Where are you from?
  2. Motivation for applying
  3. What you expect in return (money, experience, portfolio building, internship requirement?)
  4. Your hourly availability
  5. A sample of your work/illustrations/something that demonstrates you are proficient with the softwares

Joy, started with us as an illustrator and quickly master the art of animation over the span of 3 years. You can to and we would love more people like Joy on the team!

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