10 Signs You Are A Good Friend

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed. Do good friends still exist? It is factual that we live in a world that is pregnant with impostors, but it should not stop you from being a good friend. Being a good friend has nothing to do with the next person, it is what you do to others. Here are 10 signs that shows you are a good friend:


Friendship is about availability not longevity. You are always there in good and bad times for your friend. For instance, your friend becomes a drug addict, you would not neglect your friend. Your presence and support will make a positive impact, to the extent of him or her quitting drugs. Love is the greatest teacher and its shown by being available all the time.


Respect is the foundation of any relationship under the sun. A good friend does not impose his or her beliefs to their friends. If you are a Christian and your friend is not. You respect that. A good friend doesn’t have to agree with you to love and respect you.

You can have entirely different views but still have the utmost respect and love for one another. It is called understanding.


The true purpose of friendship is when one can make a positive impact in the lives of their friends. You are the light of the world and you speak life and victory into the lives of those around you. For instance, your friend has  low self esteem because of her body. It is your onus to make her happy about herself and  conscious that her life is full of beauty and excellence, because she was created in the image and likeness of God. When real friendship hits a person. They feel no pain, but growth.

When others are developing or changing positively because of your presence it gives you the courage to do great stuff and you also grow in all aspects of life, especially mentally and spiritually.


Loyalty is automatic. It is not something you turn on and off or something you do manually or selectively. A good friend matches his words with his actions.

A real friend defend his friends in and out of their presence. When they are absent, he/she speaks on their behalf. He/She  will never sit and listen to another person speak negatively about his or her friends. A loyal friend will never sell out his or her friend for material things or validation.


A good friend is always real , through the rain and the storm. Some will not agree with your choice, but you know what you want in life and you think of your future wisely. You never set yourself on fire to keep others warm. A real person has principles. He/She does not go along to get along.

You can be a loyal friend, but not a yes person. You can be humble without being viewed as weak or naive. A good friend has the courage to say no. In life you can’t  please everyone,  do what is right, because it is beneficial to you and your friends.
Your mind is your greatest strength never allow people to manipulate it and utilize it to their benefits.


You become a blessing to others when you give them the reason to count on you always.
Being positive give you and your friends hope and encourage them to know that they will make it in all aspects of life.

A good friend never despise the weak but strengthens them and is not envious.

When you are a positive thinker, you are everything to your friends. You always speak life and think good thoughts. You always help your friends. Your friends will never feel lonely, depressed or negative when they have you in their lives. You shine your light into their lives. You encourage them to be fully focused like a camera and help them to find their true purpose , because you are the moving page of the bible.


A friendship without sacrifices is like a car without fuel. It doesn’t go anywhere. A good friend will risk his life to save his friend.

Most people think sacrificing is all about money. You can sacrifice time. Time is the god of friendship, because it gives life to sacrifice, understanding, patience, humbleness and communication.

Show me a friend who sacrifices and l will show you a solid friendship. Every time you sacrifice for your friend you are cementing your friendship to a higher level.


They say patience is virtue and it is true. Patience is key in friendship and reveals your character. You cannot say you are a good friend when you get upset when your friend is 5 minutes late for your rendezvous.

A good friend has a lot of “patients” like a hospital and is not judgmental, but understanding. Patience will strengthen your weak friend. It will bring a smile on a frown face. It will make your friend to say, ” My love for you is bigger than my mistakes and l am putting effort to be a better person and a great friend”.

Patience will make your friends realize their full potential , because it allow them to better themselves.


Are you aware that humbleness is wisdom? A wise friend does not talk about himself or herself all the time. A good friend will never patronize his or her friends. When your friends are wrong, you correct them with love because love is corrective and it is the greatest teacher.

Being rich, educated or in a position of power does not mean your friends are inferior and you are superior. You can be a millionaire or billionaire and still be loyal to your friends and to do that you need to be humble.

You can display your humility by helping your friends and show them that money or material things will not destroy your friendship.


Communication is of paramount importance in every relationship. It is vital because humans cannot do without it. It is like oxygen.

A friend who communicates does not assume. Assumption is dangerous and cancerous, it destroys friendship slowly but surely.

Tell your friend when he has wronged you. Say sorry when you are wrong. Applaud your friends when they are doing great. Ask your friend, why she is acting strange, do not assume that she has a new friend. We live in a world where lots of people are going through a lot every day. To forgive, to say sorry, to express , to smile , to listen, to understand, to vent,  and to hug takes communication.
The core existence of any relationship is rooted in communication.

A friend who communicates with God, is a blessing from above , because he or she will never allow the ship of friendship to sink like Titanic.

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