Become a hero (a different kind)

Many of us crave excitement and adventure in our lives theres no question about that, but sometimes we have to realize that if the adventures we make up in our head were suddenly made true, What would the world actually be like?
Some things are better off left in theory rather than in practice. I used to imagine that if there was a war, I would be this brilliant soldier, who would become a martyr and die with grace and honour, but if there was actually a war that broke out I dont think this would be the case. Death would be all around us. Children,adults,teenagers and elders. Most of us don’t actually know what its like to be in a war-torn country because most of us who have internet are born and raised into a 1st world country.
We have to realise that just because it isn’t happening to us, that it means it isn’t happening anywhere else. We see all these pictures of people crying, yet most of us don’t do anything about it because we feel as if we can’t, but we can.
Take a stand. Make sure your life isn’t going to be wasted doing nothing. Fight for what you believe in. Stand up and spread awareness for something. Doing this may be different from what you imagined, you may not become this famous martyr that people will remember and be in every history book published in the future, but to some person out there even just one, you could be a hero, and isn’t that enough?

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