Are Bisexuals More Open Minded?

I asked my best friend, “When did you know you were Bi-Sexual?”

Her response was what everyone else who has feelings towards a gender would be, “I don’t know. I just always had feelings for both. It wasn’t a choice. It’s just something I feel.”

I was curious as to if those who have those feelings for both were gifted with an open mind that the rest of us don’t have, but sexual orientation has little to do with an open mind attitude according to studies.

According to researchers from the University of Notre Dame, women are more likely to have an attraction to both genders. It gives the female a flexibility in partner choice which may grant a greater importance when it comes to contextual and experiential factors for sexual identity. For both men and woman, social context and romantic experience might influence to an extent which gender they end up. It’s their journey in life to find who makes them most happy.

Bisexuality isn’t a cover-up either.

Society tends to judge those who identity as bisexual and assume the person is secretly gay. Results of several studies proven to make those assumptions myths. In fact, bisexuality has a distinct pattern of sexual interest and arousal compared to those of homosexual, or heterosexual. In a study researchers took volunteers and allowed them to look at pictures of both men and women, those who were bisexual spent a similar amount of time looking at both genders as to those who desire otherwise. Being attracted to both men and women does not mean you are attracted to both at the same height. Being bisexual has a capacity filled with attraction to men and women, but isn’t always equally strong. This is shown more in the men who demonstrate more of an arousal to one sex over the other. Those who identify as bisexual don’t have a higher sex drive compared to others as well. A prejudice is targeted amongst bisexuals by saying they are sexually confused, which isn’t the case at all.

Bisexuality is real. It is not the same as being gay or lesbian. It is a widely misunderstood sexual orientation. In conclusion women do a have more flexible sexuality compared to men. As to people who are born bisexual coming with an open mind wider than the rest isn’t true. Ones perception is based upon the person, their ability and importantly their willingness to look at things with new eyes to find a better understanding of something different from their norm.

Did you enjoy this passage? Did you learn something new about bisexuality that you didn’t know before? Hope you enjoy this!

By Paul Travis

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