Diary of an Introvert with Cabin Fever: 3/28/2017

This may not have been the best day EVER, but it was pretty good.

First, I didn’t have to go to class this morning. I got to sleep in and make an AuthorTube until two.

Second, I only had to deal with people for three and a half hours today.

Third, there are new episodes of my favorite Syfy shows tonight.



Best of all, it was raining today. Rain is my favorite weather. The only thing that was missing was the thunder and lightning.

These little things in life are what keep me sane. Even though I had an issue of trying to rehearse with my duet partner for my Musical Theater class, I don’t feel tired or frustrated. I’m not dwelling on the problems I can’t control. I know that these little things will not keep me up tonight like they usually do.

One day may not seem like a big deal. I still have a month and a half before the semester is over, and I have two 10-page papers and two presentations due in that time. There is plenty of time for me to feel stressed and frustrated. I can still have my annual emotional meltdown.

But having just one of these days were I actually want to do something productive after 5 o’clock gives me a little hope, for whatever that’s worth.

I believe these days are the solution to balancing both my introversion and Cabin Fever. I get out of the house and get to be around people, but I still get a decent amount of me time. I’m not exhausted from being social, but I’m not in my head and surrounded by self-damaging thoughts.

Is there such a job that forces me to get out of the house, but only for like five hours tops? Probably not. You either work 8 hours on sight or you work from home. Perhaps, I can find a job that allows me to work where ever I’d like. All I have to do is find a coffee shop with great WiFi and stay for as long as I like.

That’s the dream right there.

Perfect Weather
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