Diary of an Introvert with Cabin Fever: 3/29/2017

I had another not-so great day.

When the semester began, I swore I would exercise two days out of the week. It’s been almost a month since I’ve gone to the gym; it’s just such a pain. Along with my heavy backpack, I have to carry a knapsack with clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene stuff. I have to get up early when I could easily sleep in, and it adds at least two hours of people time to my day. That’s why I’ve had a hard time getting in gear.

I was going to sleep in again and skip the workout, but then I got an idea. My neighborhood has developed well since I moved here. So I got up an hour and a half before I had to leave for school and threw on my workout clothes.

I couldn’t go on my walk right away because I realized I had a paper due today that I hadn’t done. Churning out three pages in thirty minutes isn’t too shabby, in my opinion. This meant that I had less time to walk, but I still got in twenty minutes. I even had enough time to grab a shower, change my clothes, and do my hair. So this is what it feels like to master adulting.

Now if I only I could get myself to suck it up and have cafeteria food for lunch rather than spending money on take-out. It’s just so hard to get excited about perfectly good warm food when you know you have to be there during the middle of the lunch rush. Surrounded by so many… people.

Classes were very simple today; watching movies about the evolution of racial theater and learning about the second half of Stephen Sondheim’s career.

The day is not over yet, unfortunately. I have a late night rehearsal with my duet partner. I’m hoping it doesn’t go longer than two hours. I don’t want to miss tonight’s episode of Critical Role or my drinking game.

It’s gonna be nice to sleep in tomorrow. I’m gonna go for another walk and, hopefully, be productive at… something.

Drinking game, here I come.





Edited by Viveca Shearin



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