How To Help with YouTube Subtitles

  1. Give this link a read:  (3-4 mins) 
  2. Pick the more recent videos that don’t have English CC here:
    1. Note: If you are contributing other language translation, you can pick the ones that aren’t translated yet.
  3. Decide on 1 video that you would like to do a week. You can submit more than one, depending on your motivation.
  4. If you submit three or more, every Friday, email me the links to the ones you did using the email subject line: Youtube translating, Your Name 
  5. I will review your work! For three or more subtitles contributed, let us know and we will send you a free psych2go digital magazine of your picking! 🙂 

You can reach out here:

Here’s an example of how to email me your work every Friday:

If you have any documents that requires me to give you review feedback or reference for your work, let me know!

Let’s do this for 3 weeks and see how it goes and how many videos you helped added subtitles to! 

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