How Romantic Are You? – Romantic Personality Quiz

a couple holding a heart shaped lantern balloon against a pink and blue sunset

How Romantic Are You – Romantic Personality Quiz

Do you think you are romantic or do you run screaming, into the distance at the sight of rose petals and candles? Since valentine’s day is almost around the corner, we wanted to talk about love, romance and psychology.

What makes classical romantic gestures so romantic? It’s mostly that they denote or cause a feeling of intimacy and closeness. Candlelight is less bright. In this way, it draws attention away from the things around you by making them less visible. This might cause you to focus more on your s/o. This can increase the feeling of connection.

What happens in your brain when you fall in love? It’s a very complex reaction of all sort of hormones and other physical reactions. Your heart starts pounding and you might even feel light headed. Perhaps your palms get clammy, and you start feeling nervous at the sight of the one you are in love with. According to research by Marazziti & Canale (2004), some hormone reactions that occur when falling in love are similar to those we encounter when stressed. However, the emotional response is what makes the difference.

But whatever your romantic personality, psychologist David Buss did research on what traits people valued in potential mates. You might think it’s physical attractiveness or beauty. According to this study, it’s actually kindness and understanding. Pretty interesting right? What do you think? Of course, physical attractiveness often still plays a role, since a lot of dating advise focuses on looking right for your date. It’s usually also the first thing you get a glimpse of, making it a part of the first impression you form. But here’s the quiz, we hope you enjoy it.

Romantic Personality quiz

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We would like to know if extroverts or introverts see themselves are more romantic! Please reblog on TUMBLR with your personality type in the comments. We will do the calculations! Do you have a romantic personality? What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you. Tell us about it in the comments or leave us a message on Tumblr or Facebook.

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a couple holding a heart shaped lantern balloon against a pink and blue sunset

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  1. I am introvert – Romantic, but selective. I don’t really know how to feel about this… meh. I think this test shouldn’t get an impact on my life. It will probably change with the new experiences (ok, I cheated in the test cause I don’t have a gf yet).

  2. I’m between introvert and extrovert got “not quite your thing”. It’s true. I’m not very romantic… Most things that other people consider “romantic” scare the shit out of me :’) But I appreciate romance. My vision of it is just different.