How To Sign Up On Psych2Go

Here are two comprehensive on boarding guides for writers.

Sign Up PDF (5-15 mins to read through and do)

Writing Guideline to follow (15-20 mins)

After you are done these steps, let our editor know your account username and also 3 questions you have for them.

For the list of topics/categories, you guys can refer to this excel:

How to Navigate this. At the bottom of the excel sheet, you noticed different categories or tabs. For each categories, there are topic ideas for each of them. Some have none because we are still working on them or they were previously completed.

Each topic idea comes with a potential title (x tips someone is depressed, x tips on how to cope with a broken heart etc), followed by where the idea got inspired from. Your task is to offer a new perspective or more comprehensive take on the article using our writing guideline.

Pick 2-3 articles/topics you’d like to cover and let your editor know which one and why you would like to write on those topics. 

When you have completed the article, feel free to publish directly on the site using the writing guideline. Send the link to the article to your editor so they can give you feedback.

Welcome on board!

Any questions can be directed to myself: or Our editorial here: 


If you’re applying for the content editing role, you can refer to this guideline:Content Editing Guideline (2 mins)


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