Psych2go started as a side blog to complement the sensational memes you see from us. Viewers wanted supplementary content. More in-depth research and articles.

Being a psych major with a bit of time on my hand, I thought why not? Let’s share some of what I was learning so that others can benefit!

Two years past, and Psych2go became a little something more. A community.

Followers and readers who come from writing, photography, illustration, journalism, media, psychology, mental health and professional backgrounds come together to help contribute.

We have content from videos, articles, illustrations and photographies to help bring psychology to life.

All in the hopes of making the world better!

We hope you guys can be a part of what we do, and learn more about psychology so that we can make the world a better place together!

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Psych2Go Team

Some people are missing on this because they are part of other departments and this one is meant more the writing and animations!

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