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Cleon T Day III

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I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. In 1972, I came Down South to go to a HBCU in Atlanta Georgia. After graduating with a B.S degree in Business Management, I worked two years with the Atlanta Board of Education. Next, I was hired in 1979 and retired from Southern Bell (BellSouth/ ATT) in 2006.

Long Description

Since my retirement, I wrote a book on dating in the LGBT male community in 2008, chaired My Brothaz Keeper, Inc, a non-profit organization targeting Young Gay Men of Color. Also, I have facilitated a number of workshops on dating throughout Atlanta LGBT community.
Presently, I have created a business, Grand Prize Singles Experience, LLC, focused on the television, movie and music video industry. I’m laying out plans to build a multi-use complex, leasing spaces for these entertainment organization can film segments of their production.
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