Personality Test: What Do You See Inside The Maze?

There are a plethora of personality tests online, but this Japanese maze test reveals hidden aspects your personality that you may not have known. In order to take this quiz, you just need a few tools ready to go:

  • A piece of paper,
  • A pen.
  • An open imagination.

The following personality test will send you on a notional journey and ask specific questions about what you visualize in specific areas of the scenario. For the best results, write down the first thing that pops into your head without overthinking your response.

After you’ve written down your answers, the last page will tell you what each of those responses mean about your personality. Let’s begin!

First, take a moment to imagine that you are walking throughout a mystical forest with someone of your choice. Write down the name of the person you are walking with.

After veering deeper into the mysterious forest, you both end up stumbling across an animal. Write down what kind of animal it is.

Describe the type of interaction that takes place between you and the animal.

As you continue your adventure, you find yourself deep in the forest when you notice a clearing. As you approach the clearing, you discover an abandoned maze. How big is the maze that you see?

You stop to take a moment and observe this mysterious maze before you. You study the walls that enclose the branching paths. What is the height of the walls of the maze?

You decide to enter the maze, however, the person you are walking with doesn’t want to continue with you. You choose to enter the maze alone. 

After wandering through the maze, you find yourself in the center of it, a larger room leading to a series of other paths. In the middle of the room sits a cup.

What material is the cup made from? What do you do with the cup?

Finally, you find the exit of the maze. Which of these following statements best describes how your journey went?

A) “That was almost too easy. I made it through the maze in no time and had no trouble navigating through the paths.”

B) “It took a while to navigate my way through the maze, but looking back, it wasn’t really that big of a deal.”

C) “I was definitely lost. There were many times throughout the maze that I thought I might never be able to get out.”

D) “The person I was walking with decided to enter and found me inside. They ended up showing me the way out. If not, I might still be in there.”

Go to the next page to see the results!

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  1. I don’t think this test is very accurate, but it was fun. If it is true then I’m a confusing mass of contradictions and maybe I’m not the type of person who picks up a cup from outside and takes it with her. I don’t think trash has anything to do with my relationship with my mother which is in no way disposable.

  2. It was wrong on so many counts as to be completely pointless. I was excited to do this test, since it was so unique. Disappointing, and I believe baseless.

  3. I question the validity of this test…
    I answered as follows:

    The person entering the forest with me was Riku from the kingdom Hearts video game series. Nothing about the question said it needed to be a real person. If I needed to choose a real person I probably would have chosen to enter the mystical forest with Amy Sedaris.

    Either way, neither is the most important person in my life. I was just running with an imaginative narrative dealing with a mystical forest, and (as described by the instructions) just chose the first person that popped into my head.

    The animal I faced was a cheetah. But the perceived size of my real life problems is probably closer to the size of a really large dinosaur. Again, cheetah was just the first thing that popped up, but The perceived size of my problems is a great deal bigger than a cheetah.

    As for the interaction with the cheetah, again, this being a made up scenario with a video game character as a companion, I chose to do battle with it until it became our ally. Having to choose the real person of comedian Amy Sedaris, I probably would have changed that too cracking a bunch of jokes and a series of farce like comedy routines until we safely navigated the cheetah.

    Neither of which is how I deal with problems in my life. I usually get paralyzed with fear and indecision, or I run away from them, or seek out the help and guidance of others.

    I see the maze as huge and almost infinite, like the queen of hearts’ maze in Alice in wonderland. I chose this because I really freaking love mazes! Why would I want a short maze? I love wandering around in them.

    Although in this case, yes it does accurately relate to how I feel during my childhood, but not just into adulthood, I feel that way now too.

    Also, how does the height of the walls relate to both ambition AND personality? I chose really high walls because, as stated earlier, I like mazes, so why would I want to see above it?

    But more to the point, I really don’t have a high ambition. In fact I feel like I’m lacking ambition and don’t know how to get ambition. I have high hopes and dreams, but most are unrealistic. Also, I don’t have a closed off personality. I tend to be very open and open-minded.

    How does the cup relate to the partner who didn’t even join us in the maze? I’m a little lost on his such a leap of logic was made.

    I chose porcelain because that’s how I tend to picture most made up cups. It also was fancy and had an elegant design.

    Yeah, I guess since I chose a video game character it’s right about the strength of the relationship, ditto if I had chosen Amy Sedaris, but even if I had chosen the most important person to come with me, I still would have made the cup porcelain because, again, that’s how I normally visualize drink wear on a mystical forest in a random maze.

    Equally lost as to how my interaction with a cup relates to my chosen companion. I’m in a make believe scenario, so my natural instinct was to pick up the cup and drink from it. In a real life scenario I probably wouldn’t have drunk a mysterious substance from it, but would have still taken a fancy looking cup up for grabs I’m an abandoned place.

    And finally I chose B based on my love of mazes. I knew full well I’d get lost and that was part of the fun. Therefore I knew it would take some time to get out but I’d eventually make it.

    But C according to what my choices mean, is actually MUCH closer to the reality of my past.

    All in all, I don’t think this is a very accurate test… Or at least not with someone who loves mazes and has a highly active imagination.

  4. The multiple choice part of the test isn’t the most accurate, since I choose A and so far (I’m still an adolescent) it has been a lot of suffering. The results from C and D are more accurate. It might be pre-adolescence in my case, but that part also might not be applicable for younger people.

  5. This is very accurate , apart from the closest person in my life being this hot guy i know from years ago lol

  6. I picked up my cup (ceramic) and threw it to the ground. My person was my boyfriend. Should I be worried haha??

  7. What if I chose nobody being with me because I couldn’t think of someone? Also, what if I chose to drink from the cup?

  8. This was certainly interesting. Not exactly accurate inmy opinion. The person I chose is not necessarily the most important person in my life but I wouldn’t mark the relationship as disposable, even though I chose a stirofoam cup. Everything else seems fairly decent.
    I imagined a dog and while I do not perceive my problems as small, since I tend to overthink, my approach is definitely to try and make friends to resolve issues.
    Pretty good, overall, relatively accurate (can’t expect everything to be perfect). I enjoyed it.

  9. for the animal i picked dragon, just because i like dragons. a decent sized dragon. then it said what the size of the creature meant and i realized that i might have depression.

  10. I disagree with the material the cup is made of. But the rest i found to be fair, not accurate though.

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