Psych2Go Magazine Review

The Psych2Go Magazine is an add-on to the Psych2Go website founded by Tai Tai who has a passion to bring out psychology related information (news, articles, facts, research studies, opinions, discussions, etc.) to lay people through his website, forum, vlog, and finally through the print media (the magazine!). The Psych2Go magazine is unlike a traditional magazine as it does not merely showcase psychology experts writing articles or news related to the field, but has a team of writers who are intrigued by the subject of psychology. In short, the Psych2Go magazine houses writers from all walks of life who are passionate to write about psychology. You can get to meet them here…

The magazine brings some interesting psychology news from around the world. It can be news on research studies, mental health news, criminal psychology news or even debates in the field of psychology. A different aspect of the magazine is it projects interviews from psychology students, unlike the traditional magazine that generally publishes interviews only from the experts in the field. Here everybody has a chance to have their say (as long as you love talking about psychology)…One can also find interviews or testimonials of people with mental illness/disorders which gives a real picture of what life is like for them. The magazine is distinct in this feature for no other magazine or forum dares to project psychology related issues with such realistic and positive approach. Mental illness is taboo not only in our society but also among the experts in the field who’d like to demonstrate it is as victimized (people trapped in) and/or pitiable condition.

This doesn’t mean that the magazine is all light with simple stuff. There is some heavy meat for the readers as well. It showcases several interesting and important reads related to neuroscience, mental health awareness, child psychology/developmental psychology, personality psychology, music psychology, animal psychology, forensic psychology/ criminal psychology, LGBTQA psychology, famous biographies of people with mental illness, facts about general yet interesting psychology related topics (dopamine, laughs, brain rejection, etc. under the section Psychology TO GO) and relationship of psychology with other aspects of daily life such as technology, social media, sports, martial arts, internet, etc. (you name it!). The most interesting section of the magazine is the projective tests like the Rorschach Projective Test or the House-Tree-Person test which allows readers to interpret an image, the response of which gives an idea about what kind person he/she is. Readers generally look forward taking these tests as they get to interpret and understand who they are!

Besides, there is other fun stuff for readers too like quizzes, comic strips, movie/book review (psychology related of course), poems, some do’s and don’ts, psychological myths, advice column, reader’s testimonials/feedback and writers’ community response. Not limited to this, there is also a chance for the readers to exhibit their art and get noticed and win prizes… (Publicity plus Reward!). The community photography is a treat for readers like a dessert after a sumptuous lunch. There is a separate section on career building (a noteworthy feature for those who’d like to pursue psychology education).

Psych2Go magazine aims to involve the readers in full measure by giving them a mix of all varieties related to psychology. There is no one section that can make a reader feel bored or disconnected. The comic strips can make even psychological theories be light, cool and applicable for life (I like it the most). More importantly, people can also find mental health helpline list, a useful resource list for those who need it.

The Conclusion? Psych2Go Magazine is the piece of cake for the psychologically wired minds in the world!

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