Draw A PIG, And We Will Show You Your Personality

Would you like to know more about your personality?

Are you open to learning more about several important elements of your personality preferences? Then here are the simple instructions.

1 – Take out a blank piece of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

2 – Now draw a pig.

Those are the instructions for the PIG Personality Test.

Draw a pig.

The pig is of the animal variety.

Your drawing will serve to interpret your personality preferences.

After you have drawn your pig, please read the results below.

Do not read the results until after you have drawn your pig.

Now . . . Draw a pig.

Do not go to the next page UNTIL you draw a pig!

Did you draw your pig? O.K. Now read the results.

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  1. If there is ANY data backing this up at all, then it’s statistics abuse to the max.

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