Welcome to the News Integration section of Psych2Go!

What is this exactly?

This is a new initiative that we’re starting for the site. The goal is to take all the wonderful knowledge and discourse that you’ve come to expect from Psych2Go and apply it to real and current events. We have the unique opportunity to view these stories through the specialized lens of psychology and address the overlooked psychological implications in each situation.

We really admire sites like psychologytoday.com for their ability to contribute valuable opinions on news stories using their amazing team of psychologists. We too have a powerful group of psychology enthusiasts to call upon. You! Many of you are learning the principles of this discipline through academic coursework or guided self-study and we know that as millennials, you have an important and oft underrepresented perspective to add to these conversations.

Who am I?

I’m Valencia! I’m a graduate of Brown University who discovered my passion for psychology as a post-grad while working on a couple of qualitative psychology research studies. Psych2Go has been a great personal resource for me as I work through the process of graduate school admission. I started out as a frequent and voluntary commenter on the Psych2Go site and after a few months the CEO, Tai, asked me to join the staff team!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leading the charge on this news series. As an admirer of the work Psych2Go has done so far, I plan to work hard on making sure this integration adds a dynamic contribution to the great content already being published.

What is my vision for the news integration?

Put simply, I envision contributors selecting news stories from trusted news sources that they feel a strong attachment to and then evaluating those events further for deep intersections with psychology. It may be something small that is happening in your local community that has wide-reaching implications or a larger story that may have overlooked an interesting point of view on the issue.

I see this portion of the site as a chance to bring people together for greater opportunities to collaborate while also highlighting the natural diversity present within the Psych2Go community.

How do you get involved?

If you’re interested in joining this team of news-focused intern writers, we’d love for you to fill out this survey: https://goo.gl/forms/cx0Kp0HHg8zZGm2I2

I look forward to connecting and creating with you!

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