What Do We Look for in a New Team Member (Draft)

Here are some of the main traits we look for in a new team member.

  • They are self starter. This means they take initiatives without us having to answer too many questions from them. They just get it. For example, if an animator or writer is looking to work for us, they will submit a sample, vs someone who will ask us what topics should I write on, when should I get the sample to you, what do you want your sample to look like. They should be able to have studied the site’s past content and make a judgement on their own.
  • They go above and beyond. Beyond studying our content, they also make the sample as close to existing work as possible. They show us that they can do what we are already doing. Sometimes, they go above and show us that they are even better than how we are doing things. For example, an animator sees our videos lacking colours, they add colours to their samples. Or a writer sees that our content lacks research, they make sure to include lots of research in their articles.
  • They don’t waste our time. This point is sort of ambigious. But what this means is that they don’t ask questions on and on. We noticed in the past, a lot of applicants who do also have anxiety performance when it comes to work. As a result, they always require constant monitoring. They never deliver or have an excuse at midpoint and say something pop up. Again, that’s why self starters are super important to us. No matter their age, experiences, it’s a trait that anyone can have.
  • They share our vision, or see the value of our work. They tell us how our content is helping them and that they want to pay it forward by being a part of what we do.
  • They are passionate about their craft. Beyond wanting to help us, they are truly passionate about their work. Writing or animating is part of who they are.
  • They offer advice or input.
  • They are quick to reply. Communication is super important from their end. Even though we can be slow as managers, it is important for them to update us on the progress of their work if it’s past a certain time frame. We understand that creative work work when there isn’t pressure on a deadline or constant monitoring, but it’s still important that they know that we too need an update from time to time.
  • Alignments in motivations. The applicants are  honest about what they are looking from us. They are genuine about their end goals. If they say they want to gain experience, they show that they are a learner. You will see improvement in their work over time. If they say they want payment, they will let you know as well as what we can expect from them. Generally, applicants who demand payment have experiences with freelancing and as so are professional enough to communicate to us their end of their offer. If they are here because they are connected to psych2go, they may want to simply give back. For example, doing volunteer worked for us or helping us where they could. Like commenting on posts or replying to other  people’s questions. Sharing our content. We want to see an alignment in what they say they want from us and also their behaviour.
  • Professional communication, being on time, positive personality, self disciplined, those are all a plus.

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