5 Things Your Dreams Say About You

It is common knowledge that our dreams can be quite bizarre. They can consist of a variety of randomly generated scenarios that, at times, may seem pointless. If you are an active dreamer, you may wonder if your dreams have any significance.

Dreams can serve as a gateway to the human mind. In fact, there are several studies that support the theory that our dreams may be our brain’s way of letting us know about our issues. Whether your dreams are about being chased by an unknown figure, or simply being able to fly, you can discover a lot about yourself based on the types of dreams that you seem to be prone to having.

Here are 5 types of dreams and what they say about you. Because many of our dreams have hidden meanings.

1. Dreams where you are falling without end:

When your dreams are about falling endlessly, it might be due to feelings of helplessness and impotence. This could likely come from the stress of work or school. Analyzing these dreams can help you tackle the issues that have been causing you to feel this way. If you are falling in your dreams, it could be related to feelings of overwhelmingness in your waking life.

2. Dreams where you are being pursued:

A very frightening type of dream is one where you are being chased by an unknown figure. These types of dreams can mean that you are trying to actively avoid a problem or situation in your life. Being aware of this can allow you to better handle these problems and face them head-on. If you are being pursued in your dreams, it might be time to face issues that you previously have been trying to avoid.

3. Dreams about flying:

Dreams where you can fly are incredibly enjoyable. You can soar through the clouds or even space without a care in the world! These dreams are usually positive and may represent feelings of freedom. In many cases, people who have flying dreams are experiencing a type of dream where they are completely aware that they are having a dream. This fascinating concept, called lucid dreaming, can allow the dreamer to control the things that occur in their dreams. But if you dream about flying, it may be that you have broken free of a burden in your life.

4. Dreams about taking an exam:

One rather stressful type of dream is the type where you are taking an exam. These types of dreams can represent a fear of incompetence or failure. This can be quite common, as that is quite a popular fear. If you are taking tests in your dreams, it might be because you are afraid of failing at something that is important to you.

5. Dreams about the past or future:

Sometimes dreams can revisit previous moments in your life. Likewise, they also might seem to foretell future events. From my experience, the past events are usually very memorable ones that may mean a lot to you. Dreams like these can hint at feelings of regret or longing for past situations, or an uncertainty or fear of what the future might hold. If your dreams seem to alter time, it may be because you are having mixed feelings about a moment from the past, or the unknown future.

The human mind is extremely complex. There are still many things pertaining to our dreams that are uncertain. As we move forward, we will hopefully gain a better understanding of the mind and what they might be trying to tell us.



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