6 Ways To Make Friends as an Introvert

It’s not that introverted people go out of their way to not have friends. Because there is the fear of coming across as awkward or too shy for other people to interact with, it seems like an easier option to be alone. It doesn’t have to be that way. Dear Introverts, there are simple ways to put yourself out there without straying too far from your comfort zone.

        1. Before You Chat

Two diverse Asian businesspeople (colleagues meeting for lunch) walking in the city and is having an animated conversation with hand gestures. One is a Korean man, the other is a Malay woman.

If you see a person you want to befriend, start out with a simple smile. This lets the other person know you’re friendly and open for interaction.

        2. Start Small

Embarrassed couple sitting on bench with flowers, first date, affection emotions

Complimenting a person on something you like will prompt them to open up to you. It doesn’t have to be a comment on a physical thing, either. If you like how someone made an interesting comment in class or a meeting, tell them. The comment can also be a good conversation starter.

        3. What Are You Into?

College students sitting in the park

Try joining clubs or organizations that fit your interests. Not only will it increase your chances for interaction, but it also instantly gives you a common bond with the other people there.

        4. Take Advantage of the Situation

Smiling Man drinking a cup of hot coffee, crowded outdoor cafe.

If the dining hall is full, try joining another person or small group. When you can use the reason that the place is full, it doesn’t feel like you’re asking out of the blue.

        5. Be Solo No More

Multi-ethnic students sitting at college library

If you usually work on assignments solo and you have the opportunity to partner up with someone, consider it. It can make the work go by faster and it will give you reason to talk to each other without it feeling forced.

        6. Prime Time Socializing

Selfie time! Six international students with beaming smiles are posing for selfie shot, african attractive lady is taking, outside school building. Gathered, cheerful, smart and successful youth

Attend the back-to-school events the school throws on. At the beginning of the school year, everyone’s energy is at an all-time high, so they’re most likely in the mood to mingle. There’s also free food and merchandise. Bonus!

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