Anxiety & Relationships QUIZ: How Many of These Quotes Can You Relate To?

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Anxiety relationships are more common than you think. Do you feel anxious a lot? Anxiety can have many different effects for many different people. Especially when your anxiety is triggered by social situations, or romantic situations, you might develop a socially focused anxiety. We at psych2go want to let you know you are not alone. We have asked our kind followers to share something about how they experience anxiety in connection with relationships. In this way you can see that you are not alone in how it can affect people’s lives.

Anxiety relationships

Sometimes the pronouns in the quotes might not match those of your significant other (if you have one at the moment). Or you might not be in a relationship at the moment. This is perfectly fine, because relationships here also refers to anything non-romantic. The point of the quiz is to imagine what it would be like. See if you could relate to the general feeling of these anxiety relationships. With anxiety relationships we mean a relationship in which at least one has experienced anxiety similar to that of an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. You may or may not be in one right now, or have been in one in the past. Try to imagine the situation as described, and see if you think you could relate if that was you.

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This was our anxiety relationships quiz. Do you think anxiety is more common in certain personality types? Send us your MBTI type and your score on this quiz, and we will work out which personality types score higher. What do you think? If you have got any requests for topics, do let us know!

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We would like to thank our (tumblr) contributors for helping with this anxiety relationships quiz:

Find-your-seoul, capitainbiscuit, audacious-mess, minfulinquietude, alecaleron, this-is-nice-i-guess, sealitwithaklainekiss, thecreativegaymer. Also firstpieceofbread,perhapsanothertwirldear, doublerainbowcupcakes, nerdybird7, lazz-j, sweet-2014. Of course, we are equally gratefull for all the people who preferred to stay anonymous.

Some statements have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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  1. I find it interesting that my answers say I don’t have anxiety but the follow up remarks imply there must be, or could be something else wrong.

    How about the possibility I’m happy and I don’t need someone to make me happy. My choice is to meet someone happy and share my happiness with another happy person.
    It’s that old street saying: Game knows game!

  2. I somehow think i have anxiety. I’ve been dating this girl for a month. Everytime she can’t talk or doesn’t want to talk to me, i feel really upset and guilty at the same time because i always think she’s mad at me even though she explained that she’s not. She can’t understand my anxiety (i guess) but i don’t want to leave her because of that so can you give me a little advice, what can i do or what should i do? Thanks in advance

    1. Try researching Attachment Theory.
      There are three or four (it’s a theory so lots of individuals have their own ideas) attachment styles adults can display when committed to a relationship. These are Secure, Anxious, Avoidant, and Dismissive. Sometimes individuals can have a mix of these such as: Anxious-Avoidant.

      Usually when a Secure and an Avoidant pair up, the Secure individual can become anxious since their partner is ‘avoiding’ them. If you feel like the relationship brings you anxiety, but not your day-to-day life, this may be the case. This doesn’t mean the Avoidant is unhappy. It may only mean that they’re more comfortable doing their own thing. The Anxious individual, unsure how to connect to their partner, will chase after the Avoidant, feeling like they themselves have done something wrong.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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