18 Mind-Blowing Surreal Artworks That Explore Psychological Mind-Falls by Artist Pulkit Kamal

Pulkit Kamal is a graphic designer. He makes artworks in Photoshop under the name of @artofpolka.

He has been making surreal and dreamy artworks from the images that are available under CC0 license. He started doing it as a therapy for his melancholia. Now, he also collaborates with people, making dreamy artworks out of their stories, poems and incidents. He also uses his own poems from the novel that he wrote.

Here are the links to his Facebook and Instagram.

Check out some of Pulkit’s breathtaking masterpiece! 

1. Darlene 

Your name is on my lips. Always, that it has become the first syllable of my birth and an epitaph on the treacherous stone floating above my girth. I look for you like a soul withering close to your eyes and I chant your name like you are the last goddess from the deadless river of time. These northern winds never lied to me, but why do they say you’re just away for a while? / It doesn’t bloom like it used to, the water doesn’t call you name anymore, o’ the light of north, you’ve become the river that is dry to me.

2. Laura

It was all dust and fire before you and I were here. The scene was lonely, unbuilt and naked as the morning sun lighting the tip of your eyes. Then we both came along, we fell on the earth like a burning comet from a distant star. And still, I can’t forget your touch and still I don’t want to be an inch away from the tip of your ice cold fingers. You were an evermore. You were the bowl in which my soul swam.

3. Bhola

I know in my head, the voices are real and they won’t stop singing the melancholy of your lullaby.

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