Introvert Superhero: The Characters Part 1

I’ve been thinking a lot about my comic idea. I’m so happy to see that so many people support the idea.

As a writer, I love to start with the characters. Trying to figure out who they all are is the best and worst thing in the world. I say best and worst because while it’s fun to get to know them, it’s also very time consuming.

With all my writing, I actually conduct character interviews. I talk to the characters and ask them questions. Which is funny because they’re all in my head. So I’m just talking to myself in different voices.

Some of you are probably, wondering if I’m a couple sandwiches short of a picnic, but I’m fine. For a lot of other introverts out there, this doesn’t sound all that crazy. Because we live inside our heads, we can conduct deep, fascinating conversations with just the ideas of people, real or fiction, alive or dead.

Now, I haven’t conducted my character interview with Alina – yes, I have already named her. Before I can interview her, I need to know some basics. Her name, age, appearance, occupation, and in this case, superpowers and weaknesses. I already talked a little bit about her general strengths and weaknesses in my original article posing the idea.


However, before I really continue on with creating her, I want to hear what people want. This is a vision that I had because I wanted to provide people with characters that they can relate to. I want my fellow introverts to feel like they can be superheros because, most of the time, most of us feel like awkward outcasts.

I want to do the same for extroverts and ambiverts as well. After all, I’m not here to say introverts are better. I’m here to say that we can be super in our own ways.

So what does everyone was to see in this Introverted Superhero?

Charater is not just important in a story; it's important in life.
What kind of character should this introvert be?



Edited by Viveca Shearin


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