QUIZ: Are You Depressed?

Depression is much more common than some people think. It can affect you without you even knowing sometimes, which can make life much more difficult than it needs to be. If you’re thinking that you might be depressed, take this quiz. We’ve devised this questionnaire based on the signs and symptoms of depression. This quiz is not a diagnostic tool, but it can certainly help to give you a starting place for having a conversation with your doctor or counsellor.

The questions below are statements. These statements are to be answered as what you’ve experienced in the last two weeks. If you’ve experienced any of these in the last two weeks, answer in regards to the frequency of them. And if you haven’t, congrats! You’re probably not depressed. Isn’t it better to find out for sure though?

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  1. Well done test,I got that I’m not depressed and it’s true,I actually recovered years ago^^.
    Srsly,thanks for spreading awareness on this,as always :).

  2. Great quizz! The only black spot though is the “I feel I cannot control my negative thoughts.” question, where there’s only one answer available (“Not at all”), which influences the answer. But it’s still a very accurate and I was pleased to take it. Thanks a lot!

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