How Much Do You Know About Stress? QUIZ

We’ve all had plenty of experience with stress, but how much experience with a stress quiz? We have put together some questions, to test how much you know about everything stress related, from the hormones that trigger your response, to the types of stress. Who is the real stress expert, both in knowledge and experience? Try it in our stress quiz!

While stress has got a lot of negative consequences, short term stress can improve your performance (Menkes, 2011). Yet, this same stress does not help much if you are already anxious (Chicago 2011). However, it can also lead to unpleasant sensations such as an increased heart rate, or stomach pains ( n.d.). On the long term, the increase blood pressure and heart rate can increase wear on your blood vessels, which in turn can sometimes lead to a slightly increased chance at cardiovascular problems. (Collingwood 2016). In any case, stress is usually not a very nice feeling, so knowing a bit more about it might help you deal with stress in your life.

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So how did you do on our stress quiz? Did you find it a difficult one? Let us know on our tumblr for a personal response. SHARE with your friends to see who can get the best score. Who is the real stress expert, both in knowledge and experience? Try it in our stress quiz!

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Sources  Menkes 2011.

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Stress Effects

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