Common Behaviors Of People With Social Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what’s social anxiety? Have you ever felt the inability to talk to other people? What about the struggle to feel calm in social environments?

Well, It’s more common than we think, so be hopeful. There’s always a better way to deal with our problems when we know more about them.

1: Social Exclusion

There’s nothing worse to someone dealing with social anxiety than being in a place where it’s triggered even more. The pressure to connect with the ones around them plus the sensation of not being able to do it, makes them feel like they’re not good enough. We all can go through the same thing!

2: Living In The Head

Have you ever caught yourself in situations or places where you didn’t feel blended and started to function like just your body were in the moment but your mind were somewhere else?

It happens to people with social anxiety all the time, it’s like watching everyone around from an outer perspective.

3: Overthinking 

Unfortunately, in social environments if we get too stuck in our head it can lead us to overthinking, which can make us even more insecure about everything that is going on without causing any improvements in our communication skills but getting us panicked about every single detail about ourselves.

4: Restlessness 

Restlessness comes because of the excess of wonder and doubt that commonly takes place in people’s head when they are feeling anxious, not only but also in social situations.

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