10 Cuddle Positions That Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Your sleeping body language can say a lot about how you feel towards your partner without you directly saying so. Of course, there are some exceptions, like if you’re an avid snorer and your partner decides to bury her head in her pillow away from you and the noise. But, if you find that your partner has suddenly changed their sleep position, then it may be related to how they feel towards you. Psych2Go shares with you 10 cuddle positions that reveal a lot about your relationship:

1. The strong hold

This is a popular cuddling position for many couples. If your partner is lying on their back with their arm wrapped around you, then it indicates that they have power and that they are using it to protect you. If you find yourself resting your head on their chest or shoulder, then it’s sign that you depend on them. If your head lays on their chest with the rest of your body sprawled out, however, then it means you want to make decisions independently. If this is the case, then it’s important to talk to your partner about establishing some compromise in which you don’t find yourself always being the flexible and compliant one.

2. The intimate honeymoon

This hug-like cuddling position is often used during the beginning of a relationship. It indicates that both you and your partner can’t get enough of each other during the initial period of attraction and intensity. With your legs tangled up in one another, it shows that your lives are intertwined and that the both of you are so close that you most likely finish each other’s sentences.

3. Little spoon

In this cuddling position, if you find yourself being the little spoon, then it means your partner is holding you in a way that shows they are being intimate with you while demonstrating a sense of security. Because the two of you are in close proximity without you facing them, it’s a vulnerable position that shows you trust them with holding you from behind.

4. Big spoon

In this cuddling position, if you find yourself being the big spoon, then it means you’re protective of your partner and perhaps even a tad bit possessive. By holding your partner in this manner, it indicates that you want to look out for them. Just make sure to monitor your jealousy! While it may be endearing to your partner to know that you care about them, make sure to respect their space and boundaries if they ask for it.

5. A few inches apart

Once you and your partner have shared the same bed for some time now, it’s common that the two of you will revert back to sleeping positions that produce the best quality sleep. By spooning a few inches apart, you’re creating space that shows the intensity between you two has turned down a notch. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what the both of you have now is no longer special; it just means you’ve established a support system that indicates you’ve got each other’s backs without physically demonstrating it up close and personal. You’re comfortable with one another, and that’s healthy.

6. Face-2-Face

When you and your partner are sleeping face to face, then it indicates both of your desires to feel closer again. By meeting each other’s eyes, you want to close some of the distance the two of you may be experiencing and reconnect. This is especially true if this isn’t their usual go-to cuddling position. If you notice this sudden change in your partner’s sleep habits, then perhaps it’s time to establish more intimacy with them and let them know you’ve missed them, too.

7. On your stomach

If you and your partner are sleeping on your stomachs, then it may indicate anxiety, vulnerability, and a lack of sexual trust in your relationship. This is because when you’re sleeping on your stomach, you’re covering and protecting the front of your body. Unless you have a physical health condition that makes it uncomfortable for you to sleep on your back or side, then by choosing to sleep on your stomach, it shows that you are afraid to face your emotions.

If you find your partner sleeping in this position, don’t be hesitant to reach out and let them know that you’re there for them. But, if you find yourself doing this because you find it hard to deal with your partner directly, try to communicate and resolve issues before the two of you go to bed. Part of cultivating a stable relationship means getting in the habit of not letting problems hang over both of your heads until the next morning.

8. Opposite sides

If you and your partner typically like to sleep close to one another, the sudden change of sleeping on opposite sides of the bed may indicate that something is definitely hindering a happy relationship between you two. This could be either family or work-related stress affecting you or a huge misunderstanding from not fully revealing important information that diminishes the trust. Instead of creating more distance, try to see things from both perspectives and carve out at least some mutual understanding.

It’s important, however, to pay attention to other external factors that may not be relevant to the status of your relationship, such as seasonal and weather changes or the fact that your partner may be a loud snorer. For some couples, sleeping on opposite sides may actually be beneficial to their relationship, though. This is because instead of trying to get comfortable all night snuggling in each other’s arms, the space they provide for one another by independently sleeping on their own allows them to get quality sleep. This helps them feel more energized the next day and they will have less crankier interactions with one another.

9. Attention-seeking

If you and your partner are sleeping with nothing but your legs or feet touching, then it indicates your desire for an emotional or sexual connection. This is related to your body’s reaction to the fight-or-flight response with your feet directing you to make your next move. If your partner is suddenly reaching out to you with their legs or feet, then it’s a sign that they want your attention without outwardly saying so. Ask yourself if you’ve been neglecting their needs. Have you been busier at work than usual? Are you spending more time with your friends lately? Do a little reflecting and talk to your partner about it.

10. Headboard distance

When people sleep closer to the headboard, it means they tend to feel more dominant and confident; whereas, those who prefer to sleep further away from it may have lower self esteem. When couples sleep with their heads at the same level, it indicates that they’re more likely to be on the same page and mutually growing together in their relationship. However, if you notice a sudden change in your sleep position in which there’s a lot of distance created from the headboard, then it may demonstrate that the both of you are on two very different pages. Talk to your partner about your concerns. Remember that no relationship is perfect and that effort and work is required when cultivating anything special and worthwhile.

What cuddle position do you use the most? Leave a comment down below!



Narins, E. (2016, February 10). What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship. Cosmopolitan. Retrieved October 29, 2017.

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