10 Signs You’re Genuinely Kind Hearted

Near the top of every list describing what anyone wants as a part of their personality is this: To be someone who has a good heart. That’s because the most amiable people have a kind and compassionate heart that radiates joy to those around them. Nobody can resist someone who is consistently gentle, benevolent, and accepting.

Since none of us can peer into the heart and soul of a person, we have to observe outward expressions and tangible evidence to assess someone’s true character, even our own. 

In this article, I will shed light on 10 signs that you are a kind-hearted person.

  1. You Value Life More Than Material Things.

You’re more delighted about the idea of new experiences than you are with acquiring new things. You know good memories come from the best emotions and not from your belongings. Your happiness comes from within, and from the simple pleasures that make life rich, like friends, family, and a sense of purpose and helping others.

For you, the importance of others is not measured by how much cash they have in their wallets, but by how much experience they have in their hearts. You will always be someone who chooses to make happiness heavy on his or her heart.

  1. You Don’t Pick Sides.

You believe that there are always two different sides to the story and refuse to pick a side without knowing the full story. You rather understand everyone’s perspective before making a conclusion. You want to help everyone. But be careful of toxic people because they can use your kindness against you. You’re brave enough to deal with real issues, but you’re not looking for soap opera moments of trouble.  

You do not participate in a hateful conversation, you embrace individuals as they are. You will keep your distance from drama mongers and won’t promote their efforts.

Kind-hearted individuals have more trust in themselves because they put their energy into the needs of their hearts.

3. You are Kind To Everyone

You look at people for who they really are and treat everyone with equal kindness. You can make and keep friends easily by being positive and finding the best in others. You respect the desires and views of other people, take a sincere interest in their lives, and are happy to support them. You show respect and mind your manners. It’s not to be a show-off or to look better; you just really respect people and want to treat them like they want to be approached.

To be polite, you don’t have to be formal or walk on eggshells. It’s more a feature of ensuring that you behave in a manner that fits your current location.

4. You Go the Extra Mile.

You understand the importance of finishing what you start, whether it is staying to help clean up after an event or spending time ensuring that things are done properly. You will drop everything, to help someone in need. Because it’s the right thing to do.

You may be fault-generous, but you have sufficient wisdom to see when you have been taken for granted. Even then, on the side of kindness, good individuals will sometimes err. 

For many individuals in our fast-paced world, time is the most valuable commodity. So it speaks volumes when someone will spend a weekend helping a friend or doing yard work for an elderly neighbor.

5. You Always Want to Understand Others.

You are constantly trying to gather knowledge from other people. You love to travel and explore various cultures and ways of thinking to better yourself. You respect your elders and are enriched by the experiences of their lives.

Kind people never snub or degrade others using their education or life experiences. People who are kind and intelligent are never too brilliant to learn. This love of learning also extends to what is going on in the outside world. Genuine individuals always read, study, or have experiences that enable them to develop and extend their understanding of life and those around them.

6. You Don’t Pass Judgment.

You are open-minded, which makes you available to others. You keep all your thoughts and opinions aside and listen to people attentively with no judgments. This doesn’t require you to believe what their conduct believes or condones; it simply implies that you avoid passing judgment long enough to appreciate what makes them tick. You can only then let them be who they are.

It is important to keep an open mind, as accessibility implies access to new ideas and support. You ought to see the world from the eyes of other people to remove preconceived ideas and judgments.

7. You Treat Others with Respect.

You respect the young ones, your elders, your colleagues, etc. You treat everyone with respect, whether it is a stranger or someone who you already know. You treat everyone around you with equal respect and decency.

A kind person will be courteous and respectful to their family, friends, and even strangers. It requires genuine kindness and compassion to inspire others to maintain their dignity, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

8. You Value Yourself.

You care and value people, but not at the cost of yourself. You care about others because you truly care about yourself. You have a good amount of self-respect that helps you respect others. One of the most evident indications that you are a kind individual is that you do not allow others to walk all over you. A good heart comes from a strong heart. The same kind of affection can be expressed to others by those who safely love themselves.

So, while you are willing to struggle financially with someone for the greater good, you are also going to insist on being part of the boon they helped create.

9. You Compliment Others When Deserved.

Complimenting is not only a good way to brighten someone’s mood but also a sign that you can be excited about other people’s triumphs. Kind-hearted individuals see the good in another person, offering a spark that may just help someone achieve their true potential. You’re willing to show sincere appreciation for hard work and extra effort. 

You compliment when deserved and offer constructive criticism when warranted. Sure, daunting problems confront us every day. But there are far more positives than negatives—and you dwell on what’s going right rather than what’s going wrong. 

  1. You are Trustworthy. 

People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they realize they can trust them. Genuine individuals mean what they say, and they are sincere. You know that if they say anything, it’s because they think it’s real. 

Kind-hearted individuals know who they are. They are confident enough in their skin to be relaxed. They are firmly grounded in reality, and they are truly present at any moment because they are not trying to work out an agenda of someone else or thinking about themselves. 

“It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.” – Dalai Lama


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