3 Insights to Comprehending and Interacting With Men

Great communication skills are ideal to sustain any sort of professional, friendly or romantic relationship.

Common sense, right?

It might seem to be…but, how many friendships, relationships and marriages have demolished due to a high level of miscommunication? Unfortunately, one too many.

Through the help of Pastor, Counselor and Business Owner Ron Edmondson, I’ve developed 3 keen insights to understanding/communicating with men in an effective manner (of course, not all men are identical however, these tips have been statistically concluded for a high majority of men).


1) Men are straightforward therefore, they tend to mean exactly what they say (not the deep, analytical and semi-irrational meanings women often like to interpret them to be).

Men, for the most part, are very honest, direct and simple minded human beings. Therefore, he most likely will always tell you what he means. If there’s a deeper meaning, he most likely will tell you that too. If you’re assuming there was a deeper interpretation that was made, ask him if there was. Don’t automatically and harshly jump the gun and assume before any sort of verification has been made. Remember: your interpretations of him are YOUR feelings, not necessarily what’s truly going on.

too many details

2) Men don’t like to give too many details.

Men more so don’t feel comfortable giving away all these little details of their daily life nor do they care for these excessive details. “If you ask: “What did you do last night?” he most likely will reply with: “I hungout with my friend.” Yeah, he probably could’ve gone out clubbing in West Hollywood, got gnarly drunk, stumbled back to his apartment and woke up at noon…but, don’t force a man to give away more detail than he is providing you. If you’re pressuring a man to reveal more, it will most likely turn him off and push him away.


 3) Men aren’t emotionless, they just have a more difficult time communicating what’s in their hearts/showcasing vulnerability and often times, they never do.

Men are molded from a young age by societal gender roles to not showcase much vulnerability, since that proves that they’ll be less masculine than desirable. A man needs to feel as if you hold a high respect for him and see him in a non-judgmental approach; then, he will be more prone to displaying his true emotions.

A high volume of my future articles will be tailored to the psychological aspect of men so stay tune! But, for now: what additional tips/insights do you have to aid us in better comprehending and interacting with men?



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